Seeking HDDR advice

We are going to go to HDDR on our next trip. My DH is a self proclaimed introvert and the thought of participating in something like this makes him visibly uncomfortable. I was thinking that Cat 2 would be our best option but since I’ve never been, I really don’t know. Please inform me what I should book, oh all knowing Liners. :slight_smile:

It is very much an interactive show @emmyannttu. That having been said, the cast does not force anyone to participate, they are good at spotting people who are willing participants (as well as NOT willing). Cat 2 will be close enough, yet far enough away. Go and enjoy it.

Thank you @JustTimmy! I’m hoping the unlimited Yeungling will help his participation level. :wink:

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You can also mention to your server that your party is NOT interested in participating. Making eye contact with the performers will get you pulled out from the audience every time, sit as far away as possible! =P

We sat in the balcony last time we were there and it was nice to have a birds eye view.

We sat in the balcony, which meant my introvert DH & (somewhat introverted) elder DD were safe from participating. I still think we were in the worst seats they have, but they were still perfectly fine (back corner). We all enjoyed it.

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We were right in the middle of the main floor and had the cast donate around us but other than that we weren’t picked on for anything. There’s maybe only 4 people chosen for the end but if the show so odds are low. Anything else is really audience participation, but you don’t have to. My DH is the same and he was totally sucked in. We loved it.

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