Seeking advice on face masks

Hello, our trip to WDW begins on 3/5/2022. Up to this point, we have mostly been using the disposable 3-ply masks in our family. Our flights seem crowded, so I think we might need better protection for planes and public transportation. I’ve heard many complaints from other family members about the N95 masks being uncomfortable and being not being able to breathe. Any recommendations for less irritating approved N95 or KN95 masks? Thanks!

I use KN95 masks from WellBefore. I like that they don’t touch my mouth and that the ear loops are adjustable. They are pretty comfortable. WellBefore has different sizes, including multiple sizes for kids (when everything is in stock). I have a small face, so the kids 9-12 size fits me best. My husband prefers the KF94 (also called KN95 3-D style) masks, but I find that they still touch my mouth when I wear them.

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You can check out the mask nerd’s database to see the pressure drop to get an idea of how easy / hard a mask is to breathe through.

In terms of comfort, I think it just depends on the mask and the person. I’d buy a few different styles and sizes to see what works well. Personally, I like my N95s better than a surgical mask. They fit better, cause less fogging of my glasses, and don’t smoosh my face. I have a bifold style. I do have to knot the bottom elastic because otherwise it’s too big, but I don’t find that to be a problem. The one I have is a little small for DH’s huge, ahem I mean lovely proportionate, head so we’re going to try a different brand for him soon.

If you can get them in person, that’s great because it can take a while for online orders to come in. Supply is backed up. If you need or want to order masks, I’d order sooner rather than later. Some places, like, will let you order just one mask rather than a bundle of 10-20 which is nice if you want to try a few.

Given that you leave in about a month, I wouldn’t try bona fide right now. They’ve been taking an especially long time to get masks out. I think they’re just drowning in orders.

I would consider KF94s as well as N95s and KN95s. Use caution when ordering off places like amazon or eBay. There are a lot of fakes on there.


I’ve tried several KN95 masks and they all poked me in the tender area below the eyes. I just found these and I like them. The edges seem to be a bit softer in that eye area. I order directly from the distributor; I’ve read the ones on Amazon are knock-offs.