Seeing Hallowishes

We're going to arrive on a party day and plan to venture over to DTD and hang out at DQ and have dinner at RR. Where can we go after dinner to see Hallowishes? Staying at POFQ, will probably take the boat to DTD...but will have a car so we could drive instead if we had to.

You can't see the fireworks from DTD.

Based on what I have experienced lately at the monorail resorts checking all cars for valid reasons to visit you will need to park at the TTC and watch from the ferry boat landing. Or you could use the monorail to get to the Poly or GF or Contemporary after you get to the TTC in your car.

The Poly beach used to be the go to place to go but I don't know right now. I'll be checking it out in a few weeks for myself and plan to watch the Oct 17th Hallowishes from the contemporary. A great place to watch is the contemporary 4th floor balcony but you will need an ADr there to get in the parking lot if you drive. You could also take the bus to MK(from POFQ) and walk to the CR from the bus depot.

I didn't figure we could see them from DTD, but was wondering what would be the best way to go about getting somewhere where they can be seen when we leave DTD. Doesn't seem like it would be an easy task, so we probably won't bother.

Last time we saw them was when we went on the Pirates and Pals cruise, it was fantastic, we will be doing it again.

Have you ever seen Hallowishes? It it the best fireworks show Disney does. if you won't be going to a Halloween party you need to find a way to see the fireworks.

We are going to MNSSHP a couple days later. Just thought it would be a magical way to end arrival day. smile

I heard with all the construction at the Poly, the beach is not as large to watch the fireworks from, and they may be checking if you are at the poly or not. Would recommend the GF or TTC.

We are hitting MK on a party day, leaving for a dinner ADR at 1900 Park Fare for 7:30pm, then taking the monorail around to the TTC to watch Hallowishes from the dock....heard it's a great spot, and I also heard that Hallowishes has a lot of f/works out to the side (more than regular Wishes), so I thought farther away would be good. Here's hoping !! wink