Seeing Fantasmic AND Symphony In The Stars


Just wondering how possible it is to enjoy both Fantasmic and Symphony in the Stars on the same night. We’ll be visiting in April. Fantasmic is scheduled for 8:30 that evening (we have the dining package) and the fireworks start at 9:15. Anyone had any experience? Is it doable? Any strategies? Thanks!

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Exact same situation here, so I’m also curious to hear what folks have to say! Ideally I would like to watch the fireworks from over by Echo Lake, but there’s not much time to get that far, with the post-Fantasmic stampede on…

When I was there at the beginning of this month, Fantasmic was at 7 and Symphony in the Stars was at 8. I saw Fantasmic by sitting in the very back. When the show was over, I left quickly, grabbed the stroller and was able to be to my spot 20 minutes before the fireworks started. I would say it is definitely doable, unless you want a specific spot for the fireworks.


To be even more specific if it helps, I chose to watch the fireworks from the intersection of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards and I was in that location by 7:37 (according to a text I sent to my husband ) after leaving Fantasmic at 7:30.


My cousin and I will be attempting to se both as well! Fantasmic at 8:30, Star Wars at 9:15. We don’t care where we view the fireworks from, we are just hoping for the best!

Awesome, thanks! I’m not looking to get a particular spot, but it sounds like you got some prime territory without much trouble.

Fantasmic! is half an hour long plus the lengthy time it can take to get out of the arena at the end. I think you’ll find it pretty difficult with only a 15 minute window to spare but you can probably catch some part of it.

I read that the fireworks will be viewable from anywhere in the park. If that’s true, then you don’t have to worry about where you end up at the end of Fantasmic!