See and do Hollywood in a day?

I will currently have 1 full day to venture out of the DL bubble and wondered what all I can or should see and do in and around LA. I am also debating extending my trip a couple days to fully give the area attention and a proper visit. I’ll be solo and without a car so whatever I do needs to be Uber/public transit accessible. Any suggestions, tips, tricks, or advice are welcome.

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I’m not an expert in the best things to see in LA, but I would recommend taking an Uber to Hollywood and Highland and walking around that area. That’s where all the touristy stuff is (Chinese theater, walk of fame, etc.). Also that’s a short drive from Universal Studios if that’s on your agenda (a half day isn’t a bad idea if you just want to see the highlights or what’s different from UOR).

There are lots of smaller studio tours, museums, diversions, Rodeo Drive, etc. Most additional stops will require an Uber.


That’s a good idea to hit the highlights. I didn’t know if it would be worth it to spend a few days there doing tours and such. I saw Warner Brothers has a studio tour and then I know there are lots of other sightseeing ones.


You will definitely need to Uber. Public transit won’t get you what you need and the taxi’s are non-existent. LA is really sprawling so plan on those costing some $$. IMO LA was impossible without a car before Uber/Lyft so it is great there is that option.

If you are going to stay a night in LA, stalk the Lowes Hollywood hotel to see if you can get a room for around $200-$230. It is right next door to the Chinese theater, and across the street from the El Capitan theater (where Disney movies premier) and the Disney Studios Store Hollywood (exclusive pins) and soda fountain.

It is also an easy Uber to the studios, Griffin Observatory and the Tar pits.

It is also just in a cool location. This first picture is a view from my window and includes the pool. The red x is the place I took the 2nd picture from. The arch and elephant are really cool, and the pool looks right at them.

I was so excited to finally stay here with my family (have only been for work work) but that would have been a trip in June of 2020. It is now rescheduled for June 2023.

Finally, I really like visiting Santa Monica and Venice Beach. They are fun to walk around for an afternoon. But they are a good distance from Hollywood.


I’ve stayed here as well (while in LA for work) and can vouch for it. Great location for sightseeing in the Hollywood area.

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Thanks for the Intel! Now I’m debating spending my first night there (arriving around 9:30am and then heading to DL the next day for 5 Park days and 4 nights) or head straight to DL and spend my last night there before departing at 10:30pm.

Honestly I could see making either work. If you spend the night there first, you should time your departure to DLR to be either before or after morning rush hour. It is not a bad drive when traffic is easy, but really bad during rush hour!


That’s a good point. My 2 trains of thought are if I do it ky last night I don’t have to worry about not making it back to LA for my flight that night, but what if I don’t have enough time to do what I want? Yet what if I do it my first night, but realize I don’t need as much time and then I’m stuck wasting at night in LA. Having never been I really don’t know what to expect. And my only flight out there was into SNA and not LAX so I’m a little concerned about that.

OK I now have it booked for both days. Free cancelation so I can make up my mind. Rates were $222 and $210 before taxes and fees and U splurged for the Hollywood sign view room bc why not?

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Woo-hoo! Thinking about this, LA can be a little intimidating because of its sheer size. I am usually off my game when I first start to travel but settle in once I have arrived. Based on this I would save the Hollywood part to the end of thr trip, at a time where there isn’t additional travel stress.

I would also have a touring plan for that time so you know what you plan to do. The immediate walking area will only take up a couple of hours, but there are lots of great things to travel by Uber to.

Yes! Because how often do you get to do that?

All great points. Thank you! I’m kind of leaning toward the last day too so I don’t have to fret too much about making it to LAX for my flight from DL. I just hope I’m not too exhausted to enjoy it.

I have a lot of research to do. I’ve never really had a desire to visit LA so haven’t ever really had a grip on what all I could or should do on a trip there.

So I went ahead and booked Loews for my first night and then head to DL for 4 nights. It saves me about $150 to do it in this order and also gives me more time to explore LA if I want to on my 2nd day.

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Good call! You’ll honestly be disappointed if you leave Disney to see Hollywood / LA. But seeing up front will be exciting.


Yeah that’s kinda what I’m gathering from my research. I think LA is going to be a lot of wandering and checking off things to say I’ve seen it. :thinking:

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