Is it just my perception, or does Epcot have tighter security than the other parks? We stayed at BW and used that IG entrance a lot. I swear they looked much more thoroughly at my backpack each time, always seemed to take longer (the actual inspection, the lines there were always so small).
Also, we would go through the metal detector each time there, as opposed to random pull asides at the other parks.
Just me or anyone else notice anything similar?

I think the big reason is that fewer people go through that entrance and they have more time to give guests more attention.


MK is the same way. Everybody goes through the metal detector. This also happens on the Monorail system before boarding at GF, Poly, and the like.

I feel the bag checks there are FAR more thorough than anywhere else. It has always been my observation. Never have figured out why.


I felt like epcot did the most thorough bag search compared to all other parks last week.

Yes I noticed this on our recent trip as well. Our line one day at Epcot barely moved as the security guy was being overly cautious, that and the people in front of us brought a bag with way too many pockets and enough stuff to stay for a week.

I thought the security at WDW seemed to be a bit of a scam. I was never pulled over for the metal detector, though my friend was a couple of times. And I thought it would be easy to sneak a knife in. Not a gun.

At Universal they have full-on airport style security.

I felt the security at Universal was far superior to Disney’s. It was both faster and more thorough. I wish Disney would adopt the same, but perhaps they don’t want to invest in the cost of all those X-ray machines. Universal, for the most part, has a single point of entry for both parks. Disney would have to invest in a lot more X-Ray machines.