Security lines question

How much of a pain in the you know what is security with the new “hold all your metal in front of you as you walk through” advice?

We’re going to have water bottles, portable charger at a minimum but I know there are other things I’m not thinking of.

What other common metal items should I pull out of our bags? There are four of us.

What recommendations do you all have to avoid getting pulled aside?

And if you are pulled aside, is it a long wait?

Thank you😊

Although I don’t have a metal water bottle, I have never taken any charger or metal out of my bag. The only time I had to stop to get my bag checked was when I had a bunch of liner buttons in my bag.

It takes one to two minutes to check your bag.

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That depends: if there’s a stroller in front of you I hope you brought lunch because it’s going to be a minute :rofl:

But generally it’s pretty quick.

For reasons I cannot explain I am 9/10 getting pulled for extra screening. I could come without anything but the clothes on my back and I will need extra screening :woman_shrugging:t2: I’m used to it by now

I have a bag that has metal and sets it off anyway, so I put as many items in it as possible to spare my family. Glasses case for my daughter, our metal water bottles, sunscreen can, portable charger. It worked - they never got sent to the table and I tried to strategically get to one that did not have a stroller in its line. I spent more time putting things back in my bag than they spent checking it, so it was fast.

The things that have set it off when we have gone through are glasses case, umbrella and portable charger.

If you pull them out and hold them out in front of you as you walk through, they won’t pull you out to check your bag because it will see what set it off

I could show up naked (not recommended) and still get pulled for screening. MK is the worst at rope drop. I’ve been sent to a screening line with guests five and six deep ahead of me. It’s annoying, so you always want to be at the front of the pack if you’re rope dropping. I can’t seem to figure out why it beeps on me, so good luck with that.


And if you get pulled off to the side, it isnt crazy long, just depends on how through security person is.

Are strollers bad because they are carry a lot of stuff?

Yeah there’s just a much higher chance that they’ll have a lot of things to be inspected.

They will look through the stroller so just try to keep everything as visable as possible.

Security nowadays is so much better than when they searched every bag. I would do your best to avoid having a bag set it off, but i wouldn’t stress too much about it.

DH carries a several electronic devices (our little kids’ Kindles for when they are waiting for the older to do rides they are not tall enough for), all the external charging devices & all the extra neck fans in his backpack so he got pulled aside every time for all that. It never took terribly long but it was extra time. With the amount of stuff he had setting it off (and that he wanted to keep with him) he didn’t mind going over. And to us it was much faster than the security process we are used to at DLR (they still hand inspect alllllll the bags).

The rest of us as long as we held out any of the metal water bottles or glasses cases we had (which I instructed the kids to do for theirs) never got pulled aside except for a couple of times that DS11 helped DH carry some of the extra neck fans in his bag.

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We carried a variety of batteries over the years and there’s one that we have that sets of the detectors - the rest are fine.

If I am remembering correctly the strollers are actually inspected in a different line than the people who set off the machine. I’m not 100% certain but the stroller goes straight to a person and then if you set off the machine you go to a person a little further down with a table. (Except at BLT where they are one and the same.)

There is a separate line for strollers. You park your stroller, they look through it, then send you through the machine. Having a stroller didn’t slow us down at all

Same girl. Same.

Also same



It should be this way, but I was definitely behind strollers multiple times in January

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Please see above.

Not sure if it was a temporary change on those days, but strollers went through to the post-scanner tables at least twice during my time in January – I know this because I was caught behind them twice.

Things I’ve been pulled for (but also have made it through with them)

Neck fan
Portable charger
Metal pins (the I’m celebrating ones)
Glasses case
My Thor bag always gets tagged no matter what

I have also been pulled when I didn’t have a bag and nothing in my pockets! DH had everything and he walked through :roll_eyes:


Haha ok, my bad. We were not really rope dropping a lot this past trip so it was not very busy.

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I don’t know if separate line is the exact right phrasing because i still went through the same scanner as everyone else but they do call strollers and wheelchairs over since they don’t go through scanner.