Security, I can save you so much time!

Day one of our first trip ever to Disney began at HS. We got to the park around 8:30 and maneuvered through the turnstiles and security. HS had a crowd level of 7 that day, though I didn’t think it was too busy. We packed only two back packs for our group of 10, one of which was basically a diaper bag. I let my husband rearrange the bag to his liking…against my better judgement since I was headed this whole entourage. BIG mistake!!! He packed it so very well organized (using every little compartment and slot) that it took him 10 minutes to make it through security!!! Even longer when you account for the time he waited in line. The people behind him were not pleased. So I vowed from then on out, I will pack the bag. By day 5 I was a veteran. Here is the trick:
Zip lock bags. Like three gallon sized bags.
One held our first aid, sunscreen and meds.
One held 4 frozen water bottles.
One held extra clothing and snacks.
Before I got to the table I opened all compartments. At the table I pulled out all of the bags. The Security guard smiled and said, " PERFECT! you could teach people". Do it. Save time. Enjoy!


Thanks for the tip! We fly out tomorrow!!

I found one of these best things to do is to not use a backpack at all, instead take along one of those 1-pocket cinch-strap bags. You can pick them up from anywhere from free (Comcast, Verizon, and Apple give them out for free when you make a purchase) to around $20.

big enough to carry your essentials (you can’t make like your camping in the park, but meds, snacks, and drinks are easy enough)
Only 1 pocket, so security doesn’t need to go through everything unzipping things, and coupled with your ziplock bag thing (which I can attest to), you will breeze right through security
The string-straps actually aren’t uncomfortable (I was afraid they would be), and actually are a big help in keeping cool cause no heat builds up under them


Great advice!!!

Those chew up my shoulders something fierce. I used one ONCE for a day of touring (not in WDW) and never again.

Interesting, I didn’t have that problem. Which one(s) did you have exactly? cause as I said, this was my exact fear I had when I went. I ended up using the under armor exeter pack and I was pretty comfortable all day, much to my delight.

It also had a nice clip-thingy (please excuse the medical terminology) where I could have the straps/strings adjust so the pack didn’t move around at all on my back.

I think had one of the freebies you mention being given away by every company and organization in the world right now.


We have meds and other things we have to carry and do the same thing - keeping things in bags we can pull out makes finding things easy and gets us through security in a jiffy, plus you can use the ziplocs to protect your gear from rainstorms and splash mountain in a pinch.

My solution is to not carry a bag. Other than my DSLR which is around my neck, if it doesn’t fit in one of my cargo pockets, it doesn’t come with me. I guess it’s one of the benefits of no kids…

You are allowed to carry in your own bottles of water!!??

You can carry in all manner of food and nonalcoholic drink. You cannot have a cooler on wheels.

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