Security and bag check question

I tried to do a search but couldn’t find anything. Trying to be as efficient as I can be, I just want to be prepared. I might have imagined it, but I thought bag checks were not happening anymore. Is this the case? I’m just starting to pack for my trip next week and thought I could make due without a back pack. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I plan on taking an insulated cup to try and stay hydrated. What happens if that’s in my bag, it is metal. Do I take all items like that out of my bag? And yes, I’m an over-planner.


If you take something metal, you’ll still get bag checked. Water bottle and sunglasses case were what I always bring, but the bag check doesn’t bother me and didn’t show us down much.

If you have something metal such as a water bottle or umbrella, remove it from your bag and hold it out in front of you as you go through the scanner. Then they won’t stop and search your bag. We took our yeti bottles with us every day last trip, did this and had no problem.


Thank you. Exactly the info I was looking for.

It’s going to be so strange not having a ton of stuff, going solo so I wasn’t too worried about being slowed down just want to have things organized and ready to roll

I had about a 50% success rate using this method. That was back in April, though.

Actually we had our bottles in neoprene sleeves like this and didn’t take them out, just held the whole thing out at arms length. No problem. This was end July/early August.

Where did you buy that? Seems like an awesome idea.

Saw this on ShopDisney and I really want to buy. However, the logical side of me says for safety reasons, especially on a solo trip, my water bottle should never be empty.
So … what’s the point of buying a fold up water bottle? :laughing::thinking: It’s so cute, though. :hugs:


I used my fold up bottle last week – it is fantastic.

just have to remember to keep refilling it…


Logs on to ShopDisney … :eyes:


on my first trip I rocked a collapsible water bottle with a filter. It was great.

The best reason for a fold-up waterbottle is air-travel and the security setup. It takes up almost nothing in the suitcase and passes through detectors without a problem.

The only issue I see with that disney one is no spot to connect a carabineer to it so you can just clip it onto you. Otherwise, for $20, that’s a good price.


And it’s 40% off. :nerd_face:

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Now I am looking for a carrier for my Hydroflask. :slight_smile: So many options!

I bought the 24 oz version which fit our 18 oz Yeti ramblers perfectly.


I am going back and forth between these two. Touching neoprene makes me feel squidgy and I don’t need it to be insulated (the Hydro Flask does a great job doing that).


The Hydro Flask one is twice the price, but also slimmer/lighter. I don’t need the extra pocket so slimmer/lighter seems more attractive for being in the parks all day.

…and I just looked again at both and the less expensive one is also neoprene. Hydro Flask sling it is!

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:slight_smile: I bought mine – I have several – at REI They are probably cheaper there than the ShopDisney!

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I had my metal water bottle in Side pocket of bookbag daily and didnt get stopped. Im here now.

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