Secret Park Entrances: Still a thing?

The most recent posts i’ve seen on this topic are 18 months old … so i wondered if there is any updated info on “Secret Entrances” for MK, EP, HS and/or AK? :crossed_fingers:

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LOL is this subject taboo?? every other post has gotten responses within 10 minutes!! :joy:

shhh it’s seeeeccccccreettttt.

Actually, I’m not sure I’ve caught any discussions lately, but I think the far entrance at EPCOT became hit and miss, and some even had security tell them it was only for incoming buses(?) We didn’t see it open last summer.

I also think the one at HS became unreliably open at times when it might be useful to bypass the main congestion or was reported at times to be for CMs only.

See Mr. Itty’s old thread for nostalgia.

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Apparently, the park entrances are so secret, no one knows about them.

I looked at the thread @JJT linked to and the Epcot entrance we actually did see being used when we were there a couple years ago. I didn’t know it was a “secret” entrance, though. The normal bag check only took about a minute, so, backtracking to that location wouldn’t seem incredibly helpful to my mind. (We saw the location because we used the restrooms that are right there.)

But that bag check isn’t really the ENTRANCE. Just the bag/security check! :slight_smile:


None of them are secret, it used to drive me mad when they were referred to like that. Just like the modify trick isn’t a trick.

Yep, There was a time back then in 2014-2015 where the bag checks you hit coming from the bus were insane. If you just strolled around to that other side, there’d be a security guy there yawning with nothing to do.

You could definitely save 10-15 minutes, but eventually they changed things up and it wasn’t so helpful or available. We did fine without it last year at the “regular” check, even with security guys going over the top with checking sometimes.


i didn’t know anything about “secret” (alternative) entrances until i came across it here … so what’s the “modify trick”??

i’m also hearing that security/bag check is supposed to now take place before you board Disney transportation? to help lighten the load at park entrances … is that happening?

I’d used them all before I ever heard them called secret.

The modify trick, which isn’t a trick and just the FP system, is modifying your FP to look for an early time or better ride.

Don’t know how that would work, because once you get to park entrance, security doesn’t know if you got there by Disney transportation. Now there may be additional security for Disney Transportation - haven’t heard that, but I don’t think it would do anything to change park entrance security

People arriving by monorail or boat are screened at the resort or the TTC so that the boats/monorails are secure. They are let out at MK into a post-screened area so they don’t need to be screened again. It’s my understanding that you must get rescreened at Epcot though.

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Cool. Thanks

I learn so much here!

you’re right, that’s not a trick, that’s just common sense! LOL

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