Secondary RD MK

We have 8AM EMH with 9AM opening at MK. We will RD Tomorrowland and Fantasyland at 8AM. Want to be right at the front of the pack for BTMRR at 9AM. How do we best do that? Can we walk over from Fantasyland via Liberty Square? Or do we go back through the hub? If we need to go through the hub should we enter via Adventureland or Liberty Square?

If you go as far as you can towards HM from Fantasyland, you should beat the crowd coming from the Hub.


We did this last week and went from Fantasyland through Liberty Square. The cast members led us from there then held us again near the shooting arcade or so, if I remember right. Only one side of BTMRR was running, but we waited less than 10 minutes.


Thanks. It is DD’s favorite. Might try to ride twice right at RD. And maybe look for FP4+ too!