Secondary FP+ Scanners?

The TouringPlans Twitter account is live-tweeting the spring break madness at MK today, and one of the things that has been mentioned several times is that rides have their “secondary FP+ scanners disabled.” What does that mean? I haven’t been to WDW since the advent of FP+.

That means that jerks can jump the line into FastPass line on most FP rides.

There is a scanner at the entrance to the FP queue, and a scanner at the merge point. Disney, as a test, is disabling the second scanner. So, opportunistic people who are more important than other guests get in Standby queue, wait for a little while, and when Standby and FP queues are adjacent to one another, jump from standby to FP…

It makes the FP+ queue a longer wait, and pisses off the Standby guests that are respectful of others.


Long-term I can’t see it sticking due to the line jumping it could promote. Even back in the days of paper Fast Pass, they basically had 2 scans - one to get in the line & another when the FP line merged near the front of the queue. Why would they go away from that?

Oh man. I hope they’re not still experimenting with this when I go toward the end of next month. They probably won’t be, since the crowds should be more moderate then.

Maybe they see an opportunity to cut a CM per ride. Doesn’t make sense to me, sense a CM would still need to be at the merge point…

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I was thinking they may need to add CMs to monitor and address the line jumping that would go on. Long-term I expect it to create more issues than it solves. And while we often saw lines at the first FP check, I can’t recall it bottle necking at the 2nd check. So I’m not seeing a gain there, beyond potentially cutting a CM, but I’m not sure how you’d merge sans CM.

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Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

There wouldn’t be a game if no one played it.

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I don’t think Disney is worried about a lack of players. My point is I’m not going to be judgemental about people who take advantage of holes in the system Disney created. It’s up to Disney to close the holes. That being said, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Let your conscience be your guide.

The players are self-serving jerks, and shame on disney for even thinking that this was a good idea.

What are they going to say when the FP queue is 40 minutes long?

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Aren’t we all self serving jerks at some point.

Yes, but no sympathy for line-jumpers or puppy-kickers, ever. Disney should enable the secondary scanners to stop them, but that doesn’t shift responsibility away from individuals at all. Responsibility and blame isn’t a zero-sum deal.

I wouldn’t jump line, ever. It shows lack of consideration for others’ time. That includes when I’m driving.

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I wish you luck in your touring, hopefully you don’t encounter any line jumpers or puppy kickers.

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Others may encounter a line jumper kicker. :slight_smile:

Hopefully they report it to a CM and don’t let it ruin their trip.