Second thoughts re Beaches and cream booking

I have a booking for B&C on our long HS day. this is at 2pm and I had planned it as a break away from the parks, probably just with ice cream but a sit down. We have sci fi booked for 6pm. We are on the standard dining plan so B&C would be out of pocket. Now i have booked my FP it looks like we have about 3-4 hours in the afternoon free so wonder if it would be better to go back to the resort ( OKW) for a swim and rest before heading back in the evening and forgo the B&C booking. with the 7am emh start and staying to fantasmic it is going to be a long hot day. i know that i have to cancel before hand to avoid charges so not one i can decide on the day as to how we are feeling. ( it is early august)

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You can’t decide on the day but you could decide the day before - if you’re already flagging, a rest is better but if you’re full of beans, keep the ADR? 2pm seems a bit late though if you have Sci Fi at 6pm. Is that going to be lunch or will you have eaten at HS? How far into your trip is it?

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I agree that four hours between reservations may be a little close. Of course, with both B&C and Sci-fi your options are limited, so you take what you can get. (Or at least we do) We decided to do one “ice cream” place a day on our trip. We found on our last trip that we were quite full after a meal plus ice cream. BUT if B&C is just ice cream then that is fine! Especially to cool off!


Not planning full meal, just ice creams. We will have a early quick service breakfast at hs ( not great choice as still waiting for gluten free options at woodys)

I would likely cancel and go back to the resort. Really you can have ice cream anywhere, and if you are heading to Sci-fi for a meal at 6pm, I am guessing you aren’t ordering the Kitchen Sink at 2 pm anyway.

I would cancel B&C. The heat is surprisingly draining and with your park schedule, I think you will be glad of the down time at the pool and a nap. In our experience, that break away and rest go a long way in enjoying a full evening. Have a great trip!

Agree, pool time needed in August. If by any chance you have free time you can do take out window at B&C. But I wouldn’t go it if my way for it.

I haven’t been, but I think I would choose pool time over Beaches & Cream. There are a lot of other special places to get ice cream.

Oh, plus, wouldn’t you want to get shakes at Sci Fi?

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Some ice cream is available at the take out window from Beaches and Cream. It may be worth checking out the take out menu and seeing if you don’t really need a reservation. Then you can be more flexible with your plan for the day. (We may have a bit of experience with this as my DD loves B&C!)