Second Reservation/Second Set of Magic Bands

Originally we were going to drive to Orlando for our vacation in mid June, but we have decided to fly. That decision caused us to decide to tack an extra night onto the end of our stay. The travel agent couldn’t get the original reservation extended so we have a second reservation for one night. This reservation has caused MDE to offer us what looks like a second set of Magic Bands. I have customized them and they look to be ready to ship sometime next week probably. My question is this…Will those Magic Bands be useable during the first 7 days/nights of our trip or only that last night? Once they arrive, is there a way to tie them to the first reservation along with the ones that were originally for that part of the trip?

The MBs are assigned to people on MDE not reservations. Both sets should work for both reservations. Furthermore, if you have any old MBs they should work too (providing they aren’t too old).

Totally random question but your username looks familiar and story sounds like you could be someone I know IRL. Any chance you have a family of 6 (3 girls and a boy) and will be moving to Japan soon? If not this is a really weird question lol.

Thanks for the answer! My wife and daughter will be super excited to have a second set to match different outfits.

No, that’s not me. Three girls yes. No boys at all. Too old to move half way around the world but it definitely sounds like an adventure.

I’ve always wondered if anyone I know in real life is on the forums and recognizes my story (or my profile pic)…


A long time ago I used to frequent a different forum. Someone from work (different office) recognized me - I didn’t even know she was a Disney fan! We had lots of great Disney chats after that. :blush:


No worries. Enjoy your coordination possibilities :grin: It’s funny. I have a neighbor/ friend whose last name is Anderson and his first name begins with a “t” and ends with an “s”. They usually drive to Florida instead of flying. I figured it was worth a shot.

you can decline the bands if you don’t want to keep up with two sets…but hey if you do keep them, you have backup; but as others have said, they aren’t tied to a stay, but to a person. All info/data will be on both sets