I thought I asked this earlier - but can’t find the post. Seaworld - worth it or not? No comments on blackfish or anything else please - just curious if the park is worth spending $300 bucks for the day for family of 4.

We were there last April for one day. It was okay, but nowhere near as good a value as either WDW or Universal for us. The 2 coasters are awesome if you like thrill rides. The shows are well done. We had fun, but I was ready to leave by 6pm and get to Disney. Glad we did it as my kids had been asking for several years to go, but it won’t become part of our yearly trip I don’t think. Maybe once every 3 years or so.

We have bought 3park tickets inc free carparking for this year. Valid for14 days inc Aquatica Busch and seaworld. Bought the uk ones but saw them advertising this offer for USA customers also this month