Seaworld VR restriction?

I found this good deal for two days, two park tickets, for both SeaWorld and Busch Gardens.

My DS11 told me he saw in youtube that you have to be 12 to ride one of the rollercoaster because it has VR. We don’t really care about the animals in there we are actually kind of sad for them, we just want to ride the 2 rollercoasters that I think they have there and if one of then is out of my kids reach I guess is not worth it.

Is this is the case with the vr restrictions at one of SeaWorld two Rollercoasters?

Kraken had VR but it doesn’t anymore. There are more than 2 coasters - it also has Manta and Mako, and other rides too.

Thanks missoverexcited, so is more than two coasters? and the VR restriction doesn’t apply anymore? That is great thanks!

The 3 I said are coasters, there’s also Infinity Falls that I’ve heard is really good but not a coaster. Journey to Atlantis is like a Splash Mountain type with one drop.

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Thanks missoverexcited for all the info, what are their popularity in order?

I want to go to the most popular first to avoid the crowds

We ended up not going so I didn’t get far in my research. @Hi_Ho you went to SeaWorld didn’t you? Did you do the coasters?

SeaWorld was wonderful and the coasters looked amazing, but we didn’t do any of them! We did do Atlantis 2x at RD at 9…which has a hidden surprise at the end!! We also did Infinity Falls. That part of the part opened at 10, so there was another mini RD. I rode 1x, but DH and DD rode 3x in a row. Be prepared to be soaked! Way more water than Kali…but fun!! This section of the park also includes Mako, so you’ll want to try for the other coasters before 10.

I didn’t see anything with VR. If you do the all day dinning pass, there is one location that serves breakfast at opening…somehow we missed that, and then the other QS locations open at 11 and 11:30. The food wasn’t spectacular at either SW or BG, but we thought the dinning pass was worth it for the unlimited Dasani and soft drinks. Hope you guys have fun @qbacreative!!

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Thanks for the detailed reply Hi-Ho, We are truly going there for the rollercoaster more than anything else, not sure if December will be hot enough to do the water rides, but if we go we know we will have fun :slight_smile:

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Definitely would not want to get wet in December! :wink:

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Actually, December can be very hot! You can get a little bit of every weather extreme. Last December we had tornado warnings on a warm day! As for rides, we do Manta first, then Kraken, then Mako. All 3 are more extreme than anything at WDW. Don’t bother with the Penguin ride, just skip it and view the amazing penguins. Sea lions are hilarious! Dolphin and orca shows are fantastic. Walruses and manatees are fun to see. We have AP’s , and I’ve done many backstage tours. The staff is wonderful and adore the animals. The park is spotless and beautiful. The Christmas decor tops everything at WDW and Universal, where we also have AP’s. We love Sea World!


Thanks snowidz for those great tips!