Seaworld Question! Any tips welcomed!

What can I bring in to SeaWorld? Can’t find any detailed listing on their website… At Busch Gardens VA, we can’t bring in snacks but can bring in a sealed bottled water for each guest… since they are owned by same company, hoping true was same at SeaWorld? And I think I can use my refillable cup from BG at any park, right? Any other SeaWorld Liner tips welcomed! Haven’t been in over 20 years!

We go to Sea World Orlando all the time. I always bring snacks for the kids and water bottles (refillable). I am not 100% sure on your cup but I know my Sea World one works at Aquatica. I know for sure you cant bring paper/plastic straws. They have never said anything about any other snack I have packed though.

Ok, I’m tucking in some snacks, too! Thanks!

We were just there yesterday. took in snacks and water bottles!