Seaworld Advice

We will be doing the dolphin swim at Discovery Cove and going to Seaworld and Aquatica this March. Does anyone have any touring advice?

BTW - I put this in the WDW category since there I could not figure out a better option.

Thank you

I say Manta first thing, then Antarctica*. Follow it with Kraken. You’ve go the big three out of the way. Next look at the daily schedule to see which shows you want to see. IMO, Blue Horizons and One Ocean are both not to be missed. You may like Pets Ahoy too, if cats & dogs are your thing. Figure out which of those shows you want to see, and work in Journey to Atlantis, Sharks, Skytower, and Wild Arctic around those show times. I strongly suggest you leave enough time to do at least one feeding - be it Sharks, Rays, Sea Lions & Otters, or Dolphins (if Dolphin Cove has reopened by the time you’re there). They’re all pretty cheap (between $4 and $7, I think), and a great way to interact with the animals.

You said March - if you’re going during Spring Break, getting Quick Queue for the attractions may be worth your money. But I strongly suggest you don’t buy it in advance. Get to the park, see how crowded it is and how bad the waits are. Only if the lines are ridiculous, buy it then. Otherwise, you can’t get a refund for a QuickQueue purchase you didn’t end up needing.

* I used to recommend Antarctica first, because the lines for that build throughout the day. The problem is that after the ride, you’re likely going to want to spend 15-20 minutes in the Penguin habitat just staring at the penguins, and by the time you get out, Manta will be ridiculous. So now I recommend instead that you sacrifice a little bit longer wait on Antarctica, in order to take your time with the penguins without having to deal with a huge Manta line.


Thank you. This was very helpful. We will be there the 3rd week in March so we may consider the Quick Queue option

@Mr_Itty gave great advice!

In addition to that, if you are going in the 3rd week of March (and will be there during the weekend), SeaWorld will be having its Bands, Brew, & BBQ event. There will be live concerts, local BBQ businesses with their offerings, and a salute to America’s heroes. You can check out this page for more info.


Thank you. I will look into that for our last night.