Seaword / Legoland questions

We are planning to go to Orlando President’s Day Weekend, Feb 13th-17th. We have decided to do a “non-Disney” trip this time (gasp!) - or mostly, because we do have dinner planned for Saana and would like to hit DTD.

We have full days Saturday, Sunday and Monday and are planning on doing Seaworld and Legoland as well as one day to hang at the resort (Hyatt Grand Cypress) and DTD.

Is there a best day to visit Legoland or Seaworld? I can’t find any crowd calendars for these parks, so I’m just not sure which day to do what… but we wanted to purchase the quick que pass for Seaworld but you have to know what day. THANKS!!

Did Seaworld in Nov and booked the tour on their website. Loved it at the time and cost was very reasonable. Lines are nothing like WDW and many are of course for seeing animals. Restaurant virtually empty. Will admit I did not watch the documentary Blackfish until this month. Not sure I would have given them my money. Would have to do much research before supporting them. Very disturbed by the info they gave IF it is in fact accurate

Its a touchy subject I know… I think some of the film is true and some is propaganda. I’ve thought about it a lot, and I feel that the good Seaworld does in terms of rescue and preservation outweighs the bad. Children come to seaworld and learn so much… something to be said there. They no longer capture killer whales in the wild. And they are expanding their habitats for the animals.

I live very close to one of the largest marine mammal rescue and research centers in the US (IMMS in Gulfport, MS) and when the Blackfish film came out, I asked one of the rescuers what his take on it was. They said that seaworld is one of the worlds leaders in marine rescue and rehabilitation and it would be a shame if the film hurt the organization because it would backfire on marine wildlife.

I appreciate and share your conern, but I have concluded that the good they do is enough for me.

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I have heard similar things. I have a couple of marine biology prof friends (live near massive North Atlantic marine bio research lab) who break out in hives anytime the film Blackfish is brought up, they’re pretty angry about what they see as a largely unfounded smear campaign. Never been to Seaworld, but their response to my questions made me feel better to go there at least once someday.

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Thanks @LisaTN and @mossmacl for your answers. I tend to not take most things as gospel which is why I said that I would now have to do research before going to SeaWorld again. Your comments have made me feel somewhat more comfortable. There are two points that I had found most disturbing. One was the picture of Tilikum (sp?) bleeding from the other orcas raking her. Mostly though was how nonchalantly the tour guide had brushed off my question about the limited swimming space all the fish had (this was an observation, I had not even heard of the film yet). It bothered me at the time, but to then hear the former employees say the same answers were the “company line” gave pause. I am happy to hear of the positive things that SeaWorld is doing. All that being said. . . . Manta is an AMAZING roller coaster

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My kids 8 and 11 Love Love Love Legoland. We have been twice, in October and December in the past. It was never busy or crowded. If you are there at RD, then it will be a breeze. No specific touring plan. We tend to go to the right and tour counterclockwise. Most things with a very minimal wait (driving school and boating school are the longest, but they are “slow loaders”). The coasters are perfect for my kids (they won’t ride EE, Space Mountain, RNRC). The Chima ride can get you soaked, so beware. One day is perfect with more than enough time to ride all rides and browse the Minilands. The Apple Fries by the carousel are delicious, and bring minifigures for trading with the castmembers (Citizens, I think they are called?).


AWESOME information…!!! Thank you!!! Those apple fries sound AMAZING :smile:

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