Seating requests at restaurants?

I’m wondering if there is any special requests we should make when we check-in at a restaurant (specific table/server/area etc). We have the following ADRs
CP br, Tutto Italia lu, beaches and cream late lunch, H&V br, sci fi dinner, tusker house br, t-Rex din, via nap din, CRT din, mama melroses late lunch F! Package, HDDR and garden grill dinner. Thank you

I know there is one for Garden Grill. I believe it’s that you should request the lower level. I’m sure someone will come along and correct that lol.

For HDDR there is a lot of interaction and sometimes the closer seats are the ones that get the brunt of that so maybe keep that in mind if that might be an issue.

At CRT I prefer sitting near the windows, but I’ve never made a request for fear of having to wait another 1/2 hour or more. At TH I’ve heard to ask for Neil as a server. At Sci Fi you want to be in a car, but that shouldn’t be an issue unless you have a large party.

It might also be worth noting that at Sci-Fi if you have anyone that is somewhat large in your party they cars may not be particularly comfortable and you may want to ask for one of the tables with regular chairs rather than the booths.

Thanks for the tips. I will see if we can get Neil as our server. I have seen reports about him on here before. All good, I will add :smile:

In my experiences, the only real requests are to be near windows, when applicable. Also, at CR, to be next to the aquarium.

Well there are some others. For example and R&C you might want to be on the patio, but that wasn’t in her list so isn’t really applicable.

Also too, 'Ohana isn’t the same if you’re sitting in the blah section away from the fire & windows.