Seated Quick Service

Is Docking Bay 7 still seating people who do mobile order pick ups? And are there any other quick service locations in DLR or DCA that seat you? We are going on a very busy day so I like the idea of not having to hunt for a table, but also the flexibility of not having a reservation.

Also if anyone has any help to offer on dining with multiple food allergies. What is the protocol for asking to speak to a chef at quick service restaurants where you are trying to mobile order food? I have all top 8 food allergies. Thanks for any input!

I have no feedback for you, but definitely want to follow along with the comments. I didn’t even know that Docking Bay 7 seated guests.

There are YouTube videos reviewing the location that show them seating guests. But I don’t know if that was just because it was first opening, or if they continue to do that. But we are going on a 10/10 day, so any chance to beat the crowds and not have to fight our way to a table I will take! Even though it does not look like I can actually eat there with my food allergies, at least I can eat something from my packed bag of snacks and the rest of my family can enjoy it. The atmosphere is worth it anyway!

In July they did not seat people. I had to fund my own table after picking up my mobile order.

Bummer. Thank you for the feedback!

The waiting to be seated was definitely a very short-lived feature from when it first opened. We’ve yet to eat in it, but on a trip just a few months after it had opened, we did take our blue and green milk into Docking Bay 7 and were able to just walk in and seat ourselves without any purchased food or anyone directing anyone where to sit. We were in need of some AC on a hot summer day and were very refreshed by both the AC and our milks. So much so that me and my DD got cold and so we had to wrap up and be out of there quickly once we finished our milks.

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And for food allergies, I wouldn’t know the process especially since re-opening from Covid, but as Disneyland changes so frequently, my best advice is to walk up to the first cast member you see at the location and inquire what’s the best process for talking to chef with your allergies. Sometimes they’ll have someone at the door to answer questions like that. Other times you’ll need to go all the way directly up to the counter and ask there. But they’ll definitely be able to direct you to where you need to go for that :slight_smile:

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