Seasonal Pass and Week before Christmas - Concert Question

We will be there this year, from Dec. 16th to Dec 21.

I looked at the seasonal pass and it looks like it will work for us. (I understand that we won’t get in on the 21st, but that is our checkout day and we weren’t going anyway).

However, I read that, with a seasonal pass, one cannot get in to USF on concert days. I’m having a really hard time figuring out what this means. I think it definitely means the summer “concert series” that I found digging around.

But- I read on the “Christmas” blog that Manheim Steamroller is playing at the resort (don’t know which one) and I can’t find what days. Is manheim steamroller considered a concert that would prohibit us from entering USF? I am not having luck on the phone.

Thanks in advance.

It is confusing and figured I would respond after confirming with Universal Orlando guest services. The annual, seasonal pass is not affected/blocked from a ‘concert’ perspective during the Christmas holiday. The concerts are primarily during Mardis gras, which does block a seasonal pass holder from entering Universal Studios only.

Hi there, we just went, and were told the seasonal pass is blocked for concerts during December, and that we wouldn’t have been able to go to USF on the 16th or 17th due to Mannheim. I waited until the 19th to change our tickets to season passes. Worked fine.