Season pass for discounts?

So the room my husband and I have booked for feb is not available for current discount. If we get ap the room is available for a discount saving us $600 overall. Sound like a good idea? Or wait longer for feb deals???

Is there any issue with waiting? Do they pull AP discounts at some point?

Having an AP is nice if you have a car, are not on the meal plan or plan on purchasing a good chunk of merch.

How do you see what’s available for the AP discount, without actually buying it? Or are you just looking at the potential savings?

It becomes tricky. I bought an AP about 6 months ago because I knew we were going on 2 trips in 2020, and so the price covered the cost of tickets twice, parking at the parks, plus Memory Maker. All said, it saves us a couple hundred dollars. Any additional discounts I get are just bonus (assuming I would have spent the money to begin with WITHOUT the AP).

In your case, if one of you buys the AP, you get a single trip tickets covered (Park Hopper), plus, it sounds like $600. That seems like it could make it break even AS LONG AS no additional non-AP discounts are offered for the same room.

BUT, if you buy the AP and then they make your room available for the discount, the savings is likely minor (probably no more than 10% additional savings for AP on the room). That makes the AP less attractive as a means of savings unless you are planning to return to Disney within a year of this trip.

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If you are set on that resort and room category it may be worth getting the AP for the discount, assuming the discounted room is still available. I found that for the trip I’m looking at in January, I got a better price with the regular discount on a standard room because the AP discount was only available for a preferred room for that resort.

I think MouseSavers has a list of when discounts have come out in the past. If it looks like all the general public discounts for Feb. should have been out by now, it’s probably worthwhile. When I got my AP, the APdiscount came out a little bit after the general discount. I don’t know if that’s always the case, however.

You can call and ask. If it’s a good deal, they’ll offer to sell you the AP on the spot, otherwise you can just have them book it for you and get the pass later. But you have to have it by the time you check in or you get rack rate!:astonished:

We found it to be very worthwhile for one of us (me) to have the AP, but we had an expensive room that was heavily discounted, I think 35% vs. 20% general public discount. We also bought some winter clothing at The Fjording so it saved us quite a bit there.

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