Seas Tanks don’t open until 9am?

TP is telling me we can’t see the tanks until 9am. What I remember from this area is that you can wander around while getting to TT and Nemo attractions (both of which are open for AM EMH). Anyone have an idea if we can see the tanks before 9am?

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Sounds strange to me; as you said it’s pretty hard to miss them coming off of Nemo or walking to the TT auditorium. Only thing I could think of is if they maybe turn the lights over the tanks off overnight to save money and keep the fish happy and don’t turn them back on again until 9:00. Or maybe it’s a TP glitch that doesn’t have seeing the tanks linked into the EMH algorithm. @len - any thoughts?

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Yeah, that’s a glitch. I’ll update it.


Hi Len, thanks so much for creating and keeping this sight up to date. Was wondering if you had any thoughts of adding Dessert Parties and behind the scenes tours to the attractions drop down menu.