Searching for new FP time

Calling all FP modifying experts…
I’m pretty sure I read a conversation about this, earlier this year (this month even?), but I can’t find it.

I have a KS fastpass for 9 am, and a FOP for 2:00. I’d REALLY prefer to have FOP in the morning, so I’ve been looking every day to see if something pops up. I expect, as my AK day gets closer, it’ll become more likely. BUT, here’s the question… will it even show up as an option, if it overlaps with the safari?

I don’t think it will show up at all since you already have it booked…Only 1 FP possible at a time in this tier…

Oh - I’ve been trying to modify the FOP fastpass that I already have, not the KS fastpass. Sorry - that wasn’t clear, was it?

I think if you go to your FOP FPP at 2:00 and try to modify the time on that one, if there is ever an earlier time available, you will see it there. FOP will not show up as an option if you are looking to book an additional FPP or modify one of your other two since you already have a tier 1 (you won’t even see it).

edited as I provided incorrect info to op and removed it!!

Oh right, sorry, I misunderstood. If it overlapses, my understanding is that it won’t show.

Rats. That’s what I thought I remembered hearing, and was hoping I was wrong. Now I have to decide if it’s worth dropping that KS fastpass to try to get FOP in the morning. Back to my plan to move things around!

Good luck ! :smiley:

Here are my options… what do you think I should do?

I can dump my KS fastpass completely. Right now, my TP says that I’d only have a 6 minute wait, at 9:30 am. That’s totally reasonable. I’d probably pick up RoL for now since there aren’t other KS fastpasses available. However, IF I’d get a FOP fastpass in the morning, then we’d have to do standby on KS, later in the afternoon.

Building a TP for that…
It looks like I’d get a 15 minute wait around 2:00. That’s really not bad either. I could keep looking for an afternoon KS fastpass, too.

Ok… I think it makes sense to drop the KS fastpass, for the chance to pick up FoP in the morning, if one shows up. Talking this through is helping… but it sure does make me nervous to dump it.

Someone give me the courage to do it! :smiley:

When are you going though ? In the last 3 weeks, TPs have been way off on the predicted standby wait times. On my own trip 3 weeks ago it was pretty bad. Day-of FPs and the LINES app are the 2 things that saved the trip for us.

I guess it depends on how badly you want to do Pandora in the AM instead of the PM. What are your reasons ? I did both AM and PM and it was really crowded both times but maybe a bit worse in the AM as everyone seems to make a mad dash for it at arrival…

It actually WILL show up but with a warning that you already have a FPP at that time.

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Our AK day is Dec 11. It’s predicted at a CL 3. I actually have quite a lot of free time planned, so a few minutes here and there is OK to “waste” standing in line.
I’d really just prefer FoP in the morning so that we don’t have to walk through Pandora 3 times (Navi first thing, FoP mid-afternoon and Satu’li for dinner)

I’m curious to see - early next week - if crowd levels change at all based on your experiences.

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DONT DUMP ANYTHING! You can see what else is available without dumping anything. Nothing is cancelled until you’ve completed the whole process.


Ok. No changes yet!! I’ll just keep my new touring plan, just in case I CAN move things around.


Thanks for the precision. Is that both on PC and phone app ? I don’t remember seeing it happen on my phone but that could very well only mean no availability.

This is good to know. I just checked to see how and see that you can scroll through additional times and those that overlap will be highlighted. When I’d done searches before, only nonoverlapping times show up initially (unless you search for a particular time) on the app. Anyway, I will edit my former statement in order to not confuse people!! Thanks for correcting me! And to @emcglone, sorry to induce panic.


I believe on the phone you will see the time highlighted differently, and if you click it it will give you the warning.

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Ok… so I thought of a way to test this, last night.

On my phone, I went to modify my FOP fastpass (without intending to actually do anything, mind you). Instead of looking for a few FOP, I looked for anything in the 9-10 range, since that’s what would overlap with my current KS FP. There was nothing. I also looked for fastpasses in the 3:30 to 5 range, since that would overlap with my EE FP. Again, nothing.
Since there was a plethora of fastpasses available for other times, can I assume that it’s just not showing me the FPs that overlap with my current ones?

Is this a reasonable test?

I decided to switch up my Epcot FPP to get a FPP for TT at park open so it will hopefully covert to an anytime one. The system would not show me any available from 9-10 until I canceled my existing Fastpass that was at that time. Then there were a lot available. I don’t remember if I was using my phone or web browser, but I think it was web browser. Maybe there’s a work around but it didn’t work for me.

I think if you are modifying an existing FP, you will see all times with conflicting ones highlighted (or a warning of some sort - it may be different in web and app since I don’t use the app).

But if you try addingan FP or just searching without modifying, you do not see conflicting times.

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying… I was definitely trying to modify an existing FP, not add or search.
I was on the app, not a browser, so maybe that’s a difference.
@disneygirlmama, it sounds like you are running into the same thing.

So, maybe I DO need to go delete my KS fastpass. Oh, it kills me to do it.

@OBNurseNH - any chance you have an example to see how it looks when there’s an overlap?

Or maybe I need an app update? Ugh, too many variables!