Searching for connecting rooms

Is there a way to search for all rooms that have connecting doors at a particular resort?

Have you tried the search tools on the touring plans resort room finder pages?

Yes, there are no options to search for connecting rooms in the pull down menus like there is for preferred rooms, for example

It’s not searchable but you can pick a room and see the connecting room number

Thanks. I was hoping to not have to do that manually

That would be a nice option so those of us who do NOT want connecting doors can request those rooms without them.

But given that the accuracy on the room features is not 100%, it would be a crapshoot.

And it is still a request only anyway either way - requesting to have connecting rooms or not to have connecting rooms.


If connecting rooms is a priority, you’d be better just to request that imo.

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i just made reservations by phone for 2 rooms (connecting) and had it put on 1 reservation number which guarantees I get connecting rooms.

Just a heads up, whatever they might tell you, it does not guarantee connecting rooms.

Disney will never guarantee connecting rooms. Just in case, for any reason, it cannot be fulfilled when it comes to assigning the rooms. Think Tetris with rooms, people check in and out on different days. It might just not be possible to give you the connecting rooms.


I found this for my resort, which gives a plan of the connecting rooms and those that have a king size bed: (scroll down). I’m guessing they do the same for the other resorts.

Maybe I have just been lucky because I have done this before and had connected rooms. Also maybe my age (75) has something to do with it needing assistance at times.

@Nicky_S beat me to it. Good luck though, hopefully you’ll get your request.

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There is certainly a hierarchy to assigning them - which is why noting the reason for the request on BOTH is good. But there are still no guarantees.

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just checked again and was told having 2 rooms with 1 reservation number puts it automatically into connecting rooms. Not promising the floor I want though.