Search defaults to wrong contract?

Has anyone encountered this when booking? I am looking to make a one night Boardwalk Villas reservation next March. I just went to go take a look at availability to see how quick I will need to book. This is my main screen that clearly recognizes my Boardwalk contract. (There is a dropdown at the top showing the BWV contract number but also lets me toggle to my SSR contract too.)

But when I get the actual search results, it’s only recognizing Saratoga as my home resort and throwing me an error. This page also lists my contract number at the top but there is no toggle option. From here if I start a new search I do get a page that has a toggle (although at the bottom of the page) where I can search again.

It’s not a huge deal because I don’t think there is going to be huge competition over my Wednesday night in late March but I would think sometimes during high demand times a ton of extra clicks could make a difference?

Have you tried calling? I have heard of weird things happening at Animal Kingdom with contracts in the past. You should be able to book Jambo or Kidani at 11 months but there was at least one time when people were locked out of the resort not listed on their contract. It was eventually resolved but I think a few people missed out on things because they could not book right when the reservations opened up.

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Well I can still book, I just can’t seem to directly from the main screen. I’m gonna try again in a couple of days. I was just curious if anyone had seen this before.

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