SE at EMH in TP?

I’m reviewing my TP since FPP day is nearing. I had everything done when we were going to go in November and I thought I’d plan for the same strategy. Goal is to get a FPP for FEA, Disney Pals and one other. We’re riding MP:Green b/c of our young kids. The plan was always to RD/EMH Soarin and do Spaceship Earth at the end of the day since almost everyone hits it at the beginning. That was was TP told us last time, but now every time I enter it it has us doing SE first and not doing Soarin’ until a little later in the morning? Have there been changes to Epcot strategy?

Are you sure you’ve put in to use EMH? That’s the first thing that springs to mind, that the plan is starting at 9am.

Nope, that’s first thing I always do since we almost always take advantage of EMH.

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