SDMT - FP but too late for us

I got the last time for SDMT - 10:15pm. No way DH will be willing to stay at MK that long. My trip is 30 days out (lucky to get that FP). Do I hold it and try to modify or drop it for something else?

Hold and modify


I have been able to move it to 9:45, so maybe I’ll have some luck. I need a nice afternoon time, though. I wonder what my chances are?

Also when should I try? Like right now, just after 7amEST or wait a few hours or days? What’s the best strategy?

I modified to switch a FOP FPP. I played with the modify tool probably 6 times a day (2 morning, 2 lunchtime, 2 night). There’s no set time; you aren’t getting Disney drops, you’re more likely getting people doing the same as you - cancelling or modifying. So there is no rhyme or reason.


Argh! I almost chose an earlier time, but on Barnstormer, because I was used to just looking at the times and not the ride. Thank goodness I didn’t.

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Ouch. Glad you caught it!!


I managed to score a SDMT for 9pm on one of days after my 30 day window, so someone must have dropped it. I managed to mod to 6:30pm but that is still too late for me.
I have been trying to mod that and a few others for the past week and have not been able to move a single one. I am just crossing my fingers and will cancel if it’s day of and I can’t mod further.

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It’s still only been a few hours since I got the FP, which is now at 9:45pm on a day when it closes at 11pm. I’m toying with the idea of doing a later day instead of RD. We have never done that, though. I just don’t know if it’ll work out. Also, that FP is right before the fireworks, so I don’t know how much time I’m ‘saving’ actually have the FP. I know I have no chance of getting a spot to watch the fireworks coming from Fantasyland at 10pm+.

So the question is, would I even need a FP at that time of night to ride SDMT?

Can you create a TP where you place 7DMT at that time and then evaluate to see what it says the wait time will be?

To me, 7DMT just isn’t worth a long wait at all. At the same time, having a very late 7DMT means you eliminate the possibility of getting same-day FPs earlier, which might save you more time than the late 7DMT.

I’ve done a TP and optimized, changing our arrival time to 1:30pm. It seems to work out, but not as nicely as the morning one does.

I did want to try getting those extra FPs this trip… never used them before… but all my FPs are afternoon (except the night one)

Even for MK, I got the earliest BTMRR at 1:55pm and the earliest Space Mountain at 2:55. Those work in either a morning or evening plan, but I had wanted to RP Space Mountain and do BTMRR in the morning.

Well, what I meant was take your TP that uses the FPP as you have it. Then copy it and remove the 7DMT FPP from it, but leave in the 7DMT, then EVALUATE (not optimize) to see what the wait time is without a FPP at that time.

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I’d keep trying to modify, don’t switch until after you’ve used your other FPP

Oh, right. Okay, I did that. Well, if I keep it, it’s a 7 min wait at the end of the night. If I let it go, it’s 35 min wait… but end of the night. That’s something, for sure.

Also consider breaking up your party into groups of 1 or 2 and look for overlapping FP times.

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This might help (if that’s the right date). Looks like the wait time slides from 60 min at 8:00 down to 30 min. at closing time with a small spike presumably after HEA ends.

I would keep it and try to modify. You still have a long way to go and many chances to find something between now and then. I also wasn’t super enthralled by the ride, but if I had never been on it, I’d definitely want to go.

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@AuntB_luvsDisney - I thought about breaking up my party, but really, the chances I would get of 2 and 2 that are anywhere near each other are probably minimal. I’d end up with 2 at 10am and 2 at 9:45pm.

@ApolloAndy - I did look at the wait times and that’s what got me wondering if it was worth keeping. And that’s probably why those late times were still available this morning. I think I will keep it for now. Anything I’d get in place of it (BL or Splash) is probably going to be available even up until that day, so I have time. The question is, how often should I check back. But it’s luck of the draw, really.

There is not correct answer to “how often should I check back?” The more you check, the better your odds of finding what you want. You will probably find that on the morning-of there’s lots of movement as people adjust plans and cancel things and if you stay on the app, you’ll get lots of chances to move up.

Mmmm… but by morning of, it’ll be too late. I will have to make a decision by at least the night before.

I was checking a lot this morning, and there were a few spots, but they’re all done now. Probably others are doing what I’m doing: checking back in the hopes of modifying. Anyway, maybe it’s too soon for people to realize their plans need to change. Then again, it’s maybe about when people are most likely to be looking at their plans and changing them.

So how many times can a person be lucky?

My 10:15pm turned into a 9:45pm on day 30 before 8am. I took everyone’s advice and kept checking. Today, I got an 8:15pm!!! That was exciting.

Still, it’s later than I know DH will want to stay if we RD. Am I pushing it to keep looking for an earlier, preferably afternoon FP?

You might still find something. As long as it’s not interfering with “real life” what’s the downside?

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