SDMT a 9 min wait during morning EMH?

We will be there at 7 am on 12/15/17 (and planning to arrive at MK by 6:30). Our first stop at Space Mountain and then moving to SDMT. TP states we will have 9 min wait. Does anyone think that could be remotely possible? I know it will be very early but I’m thinking it will take more time than that. I don’t want to do SDMT first because we have several Fantasyland rides after that and I’m trying to limit running all over the park if I don’t have to.

7DMT line builds very quickly. I would be inclined to RD it. I am not sure I trust that wait time after riding SM.

I most likely would flip those two attractions but what is your 3rd?

Watching the TP posts out here I swear people take ride wait times as if they were written in stone. There only estimates and sometimes there way off. If you have some other event scheduled close to a time of another event, do the one that’s most important to you and then go for the other one. There is some leeway built into FP times and the CM’s are usually pretty good at getting you on even if you are a little late.

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Third stop Winnie the Pooh and then Mad Tea Party (which is why I didn’t want to run to fantasy land and then tomorrow land and back again. We do have a FP for 7DMT later in day but I was hoping that if we could ride it early that I could switch FP to something else. I was thinking 9 min had to be too good to be true. I just tried to switch Space to come after doing the Fantasy Land attractions and it gives me the exact same times in line for all of them. This makes me so nervous! Im thinking we will just do Space first and if there is a long line for 7DMT by the time we get there we will just move on since we have later day FP. Thanks for the input everyone.

DocHopper, I realize that TP only give estimates. I guess I was looking for input whether or not an approximate 9 min was legitimate or if anyone would tell me it was way off and would be more like a 30-40 min or more wait by then.

I agree then, space , 7DMT it makes sense.

I do not think a touring plan is designed as an estimate. You may use it that way but others may not.

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Not to make things anymore confusing but I have had good luck picking SM up as a 4th FP. Not sure if that would be worth the risk for your crew. I am usually picking up my 4th FP around 11-noon.


I guess in my answer to smgregorek I felt it is more an estimate because park crowds change day to day and even the crowd numbers can very widely. Your right, some use it as an estimate while others use it as a set figure. That is also why some have stated that their TP was off and cause them headaches. Everyone to their own method. I and my wife do not use a TP at all so you all have way more experience with TPs than I do.

We just got back a few days ago- and went to the MK for RD on a party day- which the 15th also is. The MK was basically empty- and we walked onto everything with either no wait or a wait of 5 min or less until around 10 AM, then the lines started building a bit. Our longest wait before we hopped to another park at lunchtime was 21 minutes for Jingle Cruise. We don’t do 7DMT or SM, though- so I don’t pay attention to those queues. Don’t see this an an issue unless you fail to be through the turnstiles and at the rope at the recommended time. Should you arrive after RD- or get there just before the rope drops instead of 30 minutes early, re-optimize on the fly- as your waits may be higher since you will be at the back of your first line (assuming there is one). Planning to be at the MK 30 minutes early- and actually accomplishing it- are two very different things depending on where you are staying.

I personally have only used a Touring plan years ago to see if what I wanted to do is reasonable but there are many people here that always use step by step plans and expect the times to be pretty exact. Some of us may use them differently but I think Len designed the program to be pretty exact. Of course I may be wrong- I often am!

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I don’t think you’re wrong. We always use a TP and though the individual wait times may not be accurate to the second, when they say that I’ll complete these 10 rides 5 minutes before my ADR for example, that’s what time I complete them.

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This is my experience too. I am pretty rigid with a touring plan RD to about 1pm. Then we relax in the afternoon and evening touring. I find them more often than not to be right on target for my morning “rigid” touring.

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We’ve only been once before, in June 2015. We used TP and it was spot on every single day for the whole week. I know things can always come up that may make it less accurate. We will be staying at Bay Lakes Tower, so at least on MK days we won’t have to depend on transportation. I’ll keep my plan unchanged and if if 7DMT looks good when we hit it, we will ride. If not, we will just bypass it for the morning. I will hope for the best! We had such an amazing first visit, I’m keeping fingers crossed that this one will be just as great.

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