SDFP loophole reported to be closing

Read here. I saw it posted in the backside of magic podcast Facebook page


Well that’s a bummer. I had a whole plot to scam the system worked out for my trip in August. Fudge.

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This sucks if true. The parks are so easy to tour in high crowds with lots of extra FPPs! Of course, if there is a new loophole to be found after this one closes, someone will find it.



That’s where I heard about it too. :frowning:

My trip is a few days after the dreaded IT upgrade. Am hoping for failure.

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Am I reading this right to say no more same day fast passes? As in, after you use your three, you’re done? Or is it only talking about using additional bands to get FP?

It’s only talking about using additional bands (belonging to entities, real or otherwise, who are not actually in the park on the day of the FP) to get extra FPs.

OK - I knew that’s what it kept talking about but wasn’t familiar enough with the acronym to know if it was different than a regular same day FP. THANKS!

I’m not sure that it happened today. Backside of Magic was reporting on FB that many people have used various forms of SDFP today without incident. Not sure if it was delayed or unsuccessful.

Maybe a bit of both. :joy: I was following along on Disboard as people tested and reported.

The Dis has deleted that thread. There were reports on there this morning that people who went to kiosks with bands/card that did not have ticket entitlements got an error message that said that they could not make a FP reservation.

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It’s about time. Thank goodness. This should help with lines.


I’m surprised. How many people were actually doing this? You’d have to know someone with a ticket they wanted to sacrifice or with an annual pass they’d share with you.

No you could buy extra bands and do it. Or use old ones.

I still don’t understand. Don’t the FPPs have to be on a valid ticket? Not just an expired ticket, but one that is valid or an annual pass?

As of today, yes. For the last 2 years though, no. Bands linked to another MDE, or bands of people on your account who weren’t even there worked for same day FPP in the parks (at the kiosks, 3 more initially). No need to have ticket media attached, believe it or not. I used this loophole many times over 3 trips, it worked great if you knew how to do it.


Really eager for on the ground reports! Too many rumors and poorly written articles on the subject right now.

Someone on a board was saying they “heard” that an entire family was escorted out of MK and their tickets revoked but refunded over FPP’s. (Perhaps they were line skipping lol)

Need facts.

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Thread is back?!?!?