SDD Wait times for this weekend

So, I was just evaluating my plans for this weekend (gotta do it last minute, you know?) :wink:

The difference between Thursday and Saturday is surprising. Can anyone explain this?
On 12/6, wait times aren’t predicted to go over an hour until almost 11.
On 12/8, though, they start. and stay over an hour for the whole day.

What gives? It can’t really be the after-hours event, can it?

Maybe since 12/8 is a Sat?

I dunno though since they’re both CL3.

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Probably the biggest issue, really, is that SDD is such a new attraction that there is relatively little data yet. So predictions are not going to be as strong as some other attractions that have been around for forever. I would expect the wait to start at an hour and stay that way or worse from the start. That whole area is still very very busy related to novelty.

Yeah, I was expecting it to be right around an hour… I’ve been keeping my eye on the wait times in the past few days. Hoping we can beat some of the rush and get a slightly shorter wait, though.
… it’s just the engineer in me going “this doesn’t make sense!”…

You can always ask @len

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