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Planning my first Disney Trip since I was a kid in the 1980’s! My 60 day FPP window opened today, and there were none available for Slinky Dog Dash, even at 7:15 a.m 60+2. So I figured we would just rope drop it, but my touring plan is saying it will be a 72 minute wait even if it’s our first stop. I have verified that it’s not an EMH or EMM day. Surely that can’t be right? Does it really have a 72 minute line immediately on opening? If so, we will be skipping it!

RD times depend where in the pack you are. If you arrive early and are in a good spot it could be just a few minutes. If you’re towards the end of the pack it will be accurate. Arrive early and then see what the wait is when you arrive. There is a good TP YouTube video on RD for TSL to give you an idea.


:point_up:Yep! So for me to manage that in my touring plan, I typically leave whatever headliner I will be rope dropping off my plan and then start my plan with the next ride at thirty minutes after opening.

Alternatively, if that makes you a bit nervous leave it on your plan and evaluate your plan as soon as you get off SDD.


Here is the video that @Flutegarden mentioned:

Also, Josh on Easy WDW has great Rope Drop posts with good pictures. He meticulously times almost everyone of his visits. Here is a good one from September.

And I actually found this Mouse Hacking post to be the most helpful, especially if you’re looking to sign up for Jedi Training and want to know where the “second rope” and merge point are located.


This. We were about 10 or 15 minutes later than I wanted to be (we arrived at taps at 0740, I was aiming for 0730) and we waited 50 minutes. There was AM EMH at 0800 that morning, and the CL was a 6 (actual, not predicted).

Sad trombones abound.


I updated my reply with more info

Sad trombones :rofl:

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7:15? You were supposed to be on at 7. Did you keep trying to refresh as people let go of stuff?

Anyway, keep looking, you might find something. I got FOP at 15 days one Sunday morning.

As for RD SDD, my plan had a similar RD time, but we were at the tapstiles at 8am (for 9am opening) and did our walk in with the CMs. We weren’t first by any means, but we were out by 9:15 and able to do TSM next.

Everyone is in a rush to ride first. But check wait times starting around 5 pm or so in TP. Wait times tend to drop off toward the evening. If you can’t get a FPP, it might be better to wait for evening than to rope drop.

Thanks for the help, everyone. I know the FPP window started at 7:00, but I didn’t start with SDD. Apparently I should have.

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