SDD SDFP Question

We’ll be in WDW next week and are going to DHS for half a day. Our FPPs are:

ToT - 2:40pm
RnRC - 3:30pm (there are 2 of us but ToT and RnRC are for 1 each, which is why they’re overlapping)
Star Tours - 4:45pm
ASS - 5:45pm

If we want to try for a SDFP for SDD at one of the drop times by modifying ASS, would available times show on MDE if they conflict with one of our other FPPs? Say if there was a 3:00pm FPP for SDD, for example, would that show up for us or no because our ToT/RnRC FPPs are conflicting?

I think the time shows up but its grayed out where you couldn’t book the overlapping time.

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Not sure if it’s changed, but as of March you had to select something to modify if you still had FPs to use. Select another Tier 1, in your case AS2 and try to modify it. Other times will come up for AS2 and you can scroll down to find any SDD times. If there are none, it will be at the bottom of the list. Test it out now, as to procedure is the same. (again… unless Disney changed it all in the last 2 months)


Yes, it’s the same, I’ve tried to modify it way too many times since we booked it!