SDD question

If you could only do once - FPP 2:55 or 7:25?
Daylight or dark?

Was thinking of starting day at MK but would like to see 2PM parade. Current FPP is 2:55. Could I get from parade to SDD by 3:55? I doubt it.

Could move it to 7:25.
But …
Is parade worth it if already seeing Christmas parade on MVMCP?

SDD is even more awesome after dark!


After dark!


Even if you can only go once? :slight_smile:
Will we miss stuff because dark?

Thank you!

You mean miss stuff in TSL? I LOVE the way the land looks at night. And it’s less brutal because the sun isn’t pounding down on you and it’s generally less crowded than in the middle of the day. I’d vote night as well!! Plus then you won’t feel rushed after FoF.


I’ve only ever ridden SDD during EMM so I would absolutely choose dark! I can’t comment on the parade because we’ve not seen a parade since a 2009 trip, but I plan to remedy that at MVMCP this year!

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I changed it. Thank you.
I’m nervous. But yay!


Definitely evening. Good change.

good choice on the evening fpp! nighttime in the parks is the best and toy story land is lit up beautifully!


Agree! TSL was nicer in the dark.

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Great change. Its fun anytime but is truly magical at night.


You’ve all made me feel better about my decision.
I’ll have to manage MK without FPP, but hopefully it won’t stink completely. LOL

oh gosh… tough call. Any way possible to do both??
If i had to pick, it would be dark, but I think seeing SW:GE from the top of the SDD hill is cool during the day too.

What are the rest of your evening plans at HS? Could you forgo FP for Slinky altogether and plan on either taking a chance for a SDFP drop or just hopping in standby right before close? Then you could use your FPs for MK.

Tough to time, but SDD when fireworks going off was amazing!

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They will be pretty much whatever we didn’t do on our full HS day.

I’m having trouble with my TPs for HS because what we want is pretty much what everyone wants.

The whole reason I wanted to go to WDW was for DDs to do MVMCP and TSL. We may just end up waiting in line bc not much else there???

I will be constantly checking to see if I can get a FPP for SDD for our first HS day and/or same day drop. Then I can replan this day.

I had a really hard time with my TPs for HS as well last trip and that was before the tiers shifted around. I would imagine it’s even more of a headache now.

I predict we will have to wait more or just bail.

I think you made the right choice. TSL is beautiful at night, you can enjoy it more because you’re not being beat down by the oppressive heat, and SDD at night is even more fun with all of the lights.