Sdd Fpp? Wtf?

So, er, this just happened:

When I logged in this morning to check up on my precious FPPs, I got a message saying no FPPs could be booked or modified as they were updating their systems.

And all my FPPs were gone!

I checked just now, after a tip on the Liners app, and they’re all back. Seems like WDW were loading a load more primo FPPs. I got SDD and apparently there’s FOPs aplenty.



Incidentally, some of you may think you remember me saying that I wouldn’t take an FPP for SDD even if I found one because it’s basically Barnstormer and even if it’s 7DMT I’m not that bothered.

That wasn’t in fact me. Someone hacked into my account and posted those things.

I’m glad I’ve been able to clear this up.

PS I rescheduled the day, so that I can get in line for TSMM, which I hope won’t be too long but even if it is, it’s indoors.


I believe the theory is that all three tracks of TSMM should be running by then, which would, theoretically, shorten the wait.

I’m willing to believe it if you are. :smiley:

You need to change your password from something other than “password” or “wishIwasDanielCraig”. Those are both too easy to hack in your case.


I got 2 x fop for my trip in 2 weeks and modified every fp to a time suitable. Now I feel bad that some have lost their fast passes but the saying gift horse and mouth come to.mind lol

I’ve been slacking with my Disney stalking lately due to life. However I logged on this morning and noticed SDD and FOP for day 60! All my scheming and planning 6 months in advance of which park I should go to when so I could book ADR’s etc. With all these extra FP’s I’m wondering if I should switch my park days around which means re-arranging ADR’s. UGH!

Anywho, that is awesome you got a SDD FP. I think it’ll be a fun little coaster ride!

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Congrats and glad you solved your hacker problem. :wink:

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I used Poopy McPoopyface and was able to get into his account easy peasy. Try again Daniel.