SDD during evening EMH or late night

We will have 3 days of parks over a weekend with hoppers. I moved my HS day to a Friday hoping it would be a little less crazy then Sat or Sun based on CL. I can’t get an FP to SDD which everyone in our group wants to do but no one wants to wait 90 minutes for it.

Since we are staying at the Swan, we could easily get back to HS on Friday night right at park close (8:30) OR there are EMH 8:30-10:30 on that Sunday (we have plans for AK that day).

Any thoughts on what would be a better bet in terms of not waiting as long? I will try for a Same day drop while we are at HS, but know I can’t count on that.

What kind of party are you travelling with? If you go with people used to staying up late, you can perhaps get more than one SDD ride on Sunday night. If you’re going with kids prone to being tired anyways, I would try for the Friday night ride

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We are all adults so you make a good point about Sunday night. Thanks for the info.

Agree with Aaron, but wanted to ask if you are planning to rope drop? Many people will RD other rides at HS, and if you RD, you might be able to get on pretty quickly.

I would like to RD but I’m not sure I will get my group moving that fast. It seems like the RD wait times can be high unless you are there really early. Our main goal will be to get a BG, but maybe if I can get everyone moving. Also, who knows what MMRR will add to the mix…

When are you going? Just wondering if park hours are firmed up for your dates or if there is still a chance for it to open earlier and you could scoop up a SDD FP for the new hours

3/13 with an 8am park opening time currently. I also already have a tier one for MMRR at 9:30. So I would have to drop that.