SDD & alien SS

Can anyone tell me how the new rides are affecting the wait times.
I’ve optimized so many time i have gotten myself into a panic.

Do you mean how they are affecting the wait times in the rest of DHS?

Or typical wait times for those rides? In which case, at what time? Rope drop or some other time?

The easiest thing might be to publish your plan so we can have a look for you. Do you know how to do that?

in general the wait times
we will be there early
and no i do not know how to publish the plan
thanks for the help

Once the initial chaos died down, I think the impact has been fairly minimal on the rest of the park.

I suspect the wait times on your plan for the two new rides will be on the low side. But the rest of the wait times should be fine.

If you go into your plan and edit the heading info (the name and start and end times of your plan), there is a box that says “publish this plan”. Tick that and that should give you a url which you can post in a reply.

It means we can see the plan but not edit it or anything. Then I’m sure there will be some advice as to how realistic it is.

One thing, you say you’ve re-optimised a few times already? That’s fine, you need to do that a few times to allow the Optimiser to pick the best of the options. Then it should start to show consistent results, in terms of the order of rides and attractions. The actual wait times showing will be based on the expected wait times for that particular day (based on the crowd level and actual wait times of similar crowd level days).

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thanks for your help
ill give it a try now

Please take a look
heading out shortly for a multi generational trip of a lifetime.
thanks fro any suggestions

I don’t think that there is any way that those wait times for SDD and AS2 are anywhere close to correct. You are probably better off rope dropping SDD and seeing how long the standby time is then for AS2. Unfortunately if you rope drop the Toy Story rides then you will have longer lines for RnRC and TOT than the touring plan suggests because you will be doing them later.

Your best bet might be to see if anyone here has done SDD and AS2 at rope drop to estimate how long they will take and then take them out of your touring plan and just give the plan a later start time.

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Have you checked the box under Advanced options that forces the plan to use your FP times?

Simply because it’s over-ridden them and put them at rope drop.

However, I agree. The wait times for the new rides are not accurate. Because TP uses an algorithm it doesn’t have data to work out the wait times. By 8am, there will have been people in for an hour already, and the park opens to everyone at 8am. You need to be over in TSL before everyone else arrives.

If you use the “force” option, it should then take you straight to TSL at 7am. I would then allow an hour to ride both, assuming you are waiting by 6:30 at the latest. (They will likely open the gates a bit early and lead you over to TSL to wait there).

If you can’t get the Optimiser to work that, then I would start your plan at 8am. With the two new TSL rides. Then just use Evaluate. That way the wait times it calculates will be similar to what it shows now, the difference being you should already have ridden them and may have time to ride TSMM before your FP.