SD 4th+ FPP Known to the Masses?

So, I’ve been randomly checking on afternoon FPP availability to see what we might be able to snag at MK after lunch on a CL 8 day. Today is predicted CL 6 at MK, and at 1:00 EST TP FPP availability lists distribution done for every single attraction at MK (actually for every attraction at every single park). I don’t have extra ticket media to check the Disney app as I have 9 park days on site booked on my AP. But is the secret out and this won’t work anymore? I got 5+ every day in October. Or is this an issue with the FPP availability feature on Lines? Tomorrow at MK, every single thing except 7DMT has availability.

Are you looking in the TP app?

I just logged into MDE and tried to make FPs for my family. We are a party of 3 and I can select from 15 attractions. Not major headliners but it includes Buzz, Haunted Mansion, Pirates…


Yes, the Lines app. I can’t look in MDE so that’s good to hear that you can select from several. I didn’t expect to get headliners as we have FPP for most of those but JC, IASW, UTS, WTP are all better with FPP as is Figment, SE, ST, PW. Wonder what’s up with the Lines app then?

I have never found that data to work for me.

Thanks. I have looked at it more to get a general idea of what FPP might be still be available at later times in the day, but I guess I will no longer even bother to check and just hope that it works IRL in the parks.

Adding that now as of 2:02 EST, there is availability for 12 different attractions at MK on Lines.

Availability will change every second.
Be ready to refresh, refresh, refresh, and POUNCE, and be flexible.
Know when to snag a fp for splash if you’re on your way to the Hall Of Presidents. That’s just an example of having your priorities in order. I like to keep the afternoon loose and flexible. I mostly plan shows or very low wait/attractions so if I do happen to score FP for headliners, I can just grab them, and go. Tap in, and then start hunting for the next one.

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Have you seen this? It’s due for its annual update (@len said it’s coming soon) but it’s a good starting point.

That chart is closer to what was available.

I haven’t–thanks.

Yes, I was able to pounce and modify :slight_smile: in October. I was just trying to figure out what to hope/work for on my upcoming trip. Thanks for the tips. We also have a whole MK afternoon/evening (except for parade and dinner) where I’ve planned to just grab a couple extra FPP, see some low-wait shows, and enjoy the atmosphere.

I have the update ready - just have to write the blog post.

We do this every year when I need it for the book.


Looking forward to reading it, Len.