Screwy HS TP

I’m days away from leaving and finalizing my TPs. Yes, I waited until almost the last minute because I was holding out for EMH. HS’s TPs are screwy. I have a 5:20 PM FPP for SDD that I have trying to move earlier everyday since my 60-day mark. Without being able to move it, TP has us standing in line for TOT and RNRRC for 60-70 minutes for EACH ride! :scream:

Question 1: If there are same day drops, for SDD, I have the possibility of moving the FPP earlier? I know, we can RD it and change it for something else. But getting up so early on day 3 after a late night before doesn’t appeal to us.

Question 2: I have a 2 PM reservation for Oga’s Cantina. What time will they let us into Galaxy Edge?

Question 3: Since I have a Cantina reservation, do you think I will still need to join a boarding group? We do want to ride.

Yes you can move a FP earlier at a drop time.

I believe it’s an hour before your reservation.

Today you had to be in a boarding group to get in line.


So, today, you can’t ride if you are not in a boarding group?

That’s right.

ETA except the people who were evacuated off it I think.

Thank you! I was feeling okay with my plans until ROTR opened…

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This is correct. They were given paper return passes.


One thing not posted here yet, is that being in a Boarding Group doesn’t guarantee you’ll get to ride.

The ride is scheduled to run until 10pm tonight. If there’s a lot of down time in the early evening, it’s possible they won’t be able to call the later BGs before the ride closes.


Did you frame those beauties?

Just screwy…

Need to wait a bit before things shake out to whatever the norm will be.

At this point, I’m not even sure what time to RD HS for Toystory. Patience…:frowning_face:


I wish… I’m not brave enough to go on opening day. I got that pic from Twitter (@schmoofy)

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Disney changed HS opening to 1 hour earlier an 8 am opening last night while I was sleeping. Just modified my SDD FPP to 8:45 am. That will help with FPP the rest of the day.


Also GE is open so you don’t need the reservation at Oga’s to gain entry into the land. If they didn’t reach land capacity the first two days, I don’t think they will unless they stop doing BG and allow a gigantic standby line.

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If those were “for sale”, I wonder how much each would go for. $100 per pass? More?

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