Scratchy, Tight Mickey Ears headband

Because I’m at the end of packing etc. I tried on my black sequin mickey ear headband with red sequin bow and I was correct at the park the last time I bought it, it’s tight and the sequins go down the headband which is just dumb. But, I wanna wear it next week. I feel like I’ve read tips either here or the app but I can’t find anything now…suggestions?

I also have this pair of ears, I complained enough that while I used the restroom my husband replaced them with a soft traditional pair. I would love to know if someone has a fix for them.

We were literally just trying to replace the headband DD lost at the park with a pair from the Disney Store and she had the same complaint. She wanted the ones she had from Target because they were just a lot more comfy.

I wish we could have replaced them. We bought them at one of the carts by Merida in MK and I complained as soon as we took the tag off so I could try them on :frowning: whomp whomp literally wore them from maybe 5 minutes before tossing them in the stroller… Tightness I can get over, the sequins digging into my scalp is another story.

Yes. The sequins are the worst part.

If you take the sequins off, will it ruin the look? Otherwise, how about some felt behind them?

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That’s what I was wondering but don’t want to totally mess them up, but if no one ever wears them then whats the point? I don’t display them in my house like my DD does her WDW stuff in her room :slight_smile: May give it a try. Weill keep me busy this last week before we leave


How is this turning out?

I’m currently stretching it, but haven’t started taking sequins off. We had my duaghter’s first sleepover last night so I had to mentally prepare for that :slight_smile: Think tomorrow while everyone is at school I’ll begin the removal process. Hopefully it doesn’t make it look awful.

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No advice for the tightness but could you hot glue felt either across the whole thing or where the sequins are bothering you? May be counterproductive to the fit but maybe less itchy.

That’s what I am thinking my first try will be. Get some black fabric and just wrap it around the first two inches which is where it rubs against the backs of my ears. Less destructive attempt at least. Going to work on it this afternoon. I’ve been stretching it on a big block and it seems to be helping on that end.

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Could you stick some moleskin to the inside? (Though I guess that might show, since it’s sort of a tan color… but it’s nice and soft!)

Alright, I fixed them! I stretched them over my jewelry box for the past week. Not perfect but much better.
The scratchy thing was more annoying. I took some black satin/polyester ribbon and wrapped it around the bottom 2-3 inches and simply covered the sequins. I used my cool glue gun to adhere. Super easy and didn’t have to remove sequins. The ribbon is silky so it’s soft and it’s actually a little cooler which should help a tiny bit in hot Florida! Wish me and my ears luck this week haha


Sounds like a success. Let us know how it works, I am thinking about stealing your idea with the ribbon.