Scrapped vacation plans: what happens with Memory Maker?

OK so is Memory Maker tied to a specific date/date range?
If I bought it for April 2021 do I need to do anything to use it in April 2022?

Or… am I SOL and cannot be changed for the new trip date?

You should have been able to cancel it when you cancelled your trip.

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According to Disney’s website, it looks like it’s non-refundable if bought separately.
So I was wondering if I can just delay using it for another year.

Interesting. I’ve bought it separately and been able to cancel it and get a refund. It’s worth asking.

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I still have mine on my account from my cancelled May 2020 trip. Mine wasn’t attached to the trip, so I just left it to use for another time. I have another trip booked and it hasn’t disappeared. As long as you don’t activate it for any reason, it will stick around, unless of course Disney would cancel it. Then I would expect my money back.