Scored 8:20 Dinner for BOG but what about fireworks

Really grateful to reservation finder for getting us a 8:20pm dinner ADP but now I just realized we will miss the fireworks at 9pm…is there any way to do both?

There’s no chance you’ll be out in less than an hour (took us 90 mins) unless you’re just doing dessert. And that won’t be an option anyway from July when it goes to a prix fixe meal.

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this is for 2 weeks from now

I think you’re doomed. It would be a shame to rush the BOG experience to get out in time to see HEA. Besides, where would you watch HEA from? Even if you did gulp down one course then rush out, all the viewing spots will be super-crowded.

Your only hope is to get an earlier BOG, or find another night to see HEA.


Really appreciate that feedback. This is our first Disney vacation and do have a 2nd night planned. is BOG worth missing the fireworks for? I would be cancelling California grill at 9:05 for this ADP

Personally, I was disappointed when I had dinner at BOG. I thought the food wasn’t particularly great — I had seafood in watery sauce and pasta for my main course. French onion soup for the starter — which was, well, French onion soup. And the famous “grey stuff” for dessert, which is basically a cupcake. People go more for the “experience” — it’s visually impressive and you get to meet the Beast.

I considered having lunch there during this year’s trip, but couldn’t fit it in, so I’m not going at all. I’m not that sad about it.

HEA is visually breathtaking. And I personally found it quite moving, too. A lot of people compare it to its predecessor, Wishes. But I never saw that so I judge HEA on its own merits. And it’s stunning.

I strongly recommend the HEA dessert party — go for the Plaza Garden view: it’s cheaper and in a better location. I’m doing it again this year.


We absolutely loved BOG, we all had the steak and then cupcakes. Worth missing HEA for? I’m not sure. Probably yes, if you’re seeing it another night.

In my opinion, no. The fireworks are amazing, BOG is just okay. The food at dinner was really good when it opened, but not so much anymore. I would look for an earlier ADR, or cancel and do the HEA Garden dessert party for the awesome view.


This is always my mental reaction around these sorts of questions. Sadly, it is not possible to do absolutely everything when in WDW; choices simply must be made.

In this case, OP should decide which one is more fitting for their family this trip and choose that one wholeheartedly and plan to enjoy the whole of it.

Also, restart the res finder and keep checking yourself too (as res finder is checked by humans, not a bot so they could potentially miss one). I’ve nearly always been able to move my reservations and/or get ones I hadn’t been able to book yet by using that service. It’s also worth checking day before/day of as people cancel their reservation for your dining date in that 24 hour window.


Cali Grill over BOG 1000000000 times. Keep that one. Arrive a few minutes early and check in, I’m sure you’ll be able to get upstairs to view from there. Surely not the same as viewing from in park, but a gorgeous view and very magical. After the show I’m certain you’d be escorted to your table.

Dessert party would also be amazing.

Our dinner at BOG was delicious and the service was top-notch for us. But if I were forced to choose between BOG and HEA I do believe I’d choose HEA. As Prof said up above, it is absolutely stunning and very moving - I’ve yet to make it through without crying :wink:

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I’ll be the dissenting voice here.


I find that HEA does not live up to the standard for fireworks shows at WDW, and that it’s really a well-done (if somewhat topically jumpy) projection show with enough fireworks tacked on to make the non-aficionado feel like they had seen fireworks.

Seriously, I find the projections great and the “story” to be incredibly dis-unified. I don’t find it has a logical flow, nor that most of the fireworks enhance the projections (though there are a couple).

If you’re trying to make a call, check it out on YouTube first, and see if you’re interested in the in-person viewing. For me, the only thing worth seeing again is Tink’s flight out of the castle - which has been a hallmark of the MK fireworks show since it was Fantasy in the Sky.

I know and accept that I’m in the minority on this one, but: HEA doesn’t do it for me. I would keep the BOG reservation.


We watched from Poly x2 last week and remarked that we were very impressed by the fireworks alone (as the projections are not visible from that distance). And yes, we’ve seen numerous shows of Wishes!

And I believe that there is also an official count somewhere that I saw which indicates the number of fireworks for HEA is actually a smidge MORE than for Wishes.

I do get that HEA isn’t for everyone, but I have to disagree with your suggestion that the fireworks are small in number.

My apologies, I did not mean to imply that there were insufficient quantity.

I meant to state, quite plainly, that I felt that they did not improve the flow of the show and that, without the projections, were fairly nonsensical.

Like I said, I know I’m in the minority here. I guess that just means everyone else can fight over the spot in the hub that I won’t be standing in.

I must admit that I thought the fireworks felt a bit tacked on. The projections were visually stunning. I could almost have done without the fireworks.

I was that guy who kept saying to my friend, “Is that a real person? That can’t be a real person! Is it a real person?”

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Oh! I see.

I still disagree :wink: LOL

I’ll take your Hubspot!

It’s totally a real person.

I would totally sign up to be the person who gets to zipline off of Cinderella Castle every night of the week.


I would say that for a first-time visitor, HEA is a must-do. It’s quite an impressive display and a big part of the MK experience. CG also offers a great view, plus a great meal.

Of your options, I would say that watching HEA in the park and CG should be your priorities.

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I was in the same boat as you. I originally had a BoG dinner reservation for one of my MK days but ended up cancelling it because it would have conflicted with the HEA fireworks show and we were already doing BoG for breakfast. If you can only get one shot to see HEA, then I would cancel BoG for dinner and try to get breakfast or lunch for it.

I actually ended up getting an early ADR for California Grill that day and it’s early enough cause we want to go back into MK and watch HEA more up close so we can see the projections on the castle, etc.

Fate is weird, so we gave up the 8:20 BOG and set up HEA Garden view instead for that night, I understand we will see all projections and miss nothing from this spot.

As luck would have it we just got a 8:10pm BOG ADR from reservation finder (thanks touringplan!!) for what was going to be our 2nd HEA fireworks night.

Really want both experiences so thinking of taking this 2nd chance at BOG…Does everyone see the beast?

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