Scored 7DMT FFP but

At 60 days, I couldn’t get FPP for 7DMT. Last night, Disney changed park hours and MK is now opening an hour earlier. I remembered a tip here, jumped on, and scored FPP for 8:30 for 7DMT.

So, instead of zigging with the mass at RD to Fantasyland, I was thinking of zagging to BTMR, since I had to give up this FPP for 7DMT last night. Anyone know if BTMR runs earlier than 8 am like 7DMT?

It’s my family’s favorite ride. I was thinking they could ride it a few times with little wait before we head to HM and FPP for 7DMT. Thoughts?

I don’t have any information to contribute, but am contemplating making this change as well.

I think that Frontierland does not open early but is a hard 8 am or 9 am, whatever opening time is. The line can back up quickly depending on crowds and whether they are running both sides, but you should be able to get at least one low-wait ride in at rope drop, and maybe get lucky for a second!


It definitely won’t open early. The only reason 7DMT does is because people are there beyond the rope from doing BOG breakfast. Well and because of its popularity. But if it wasn’t for BOG nobody would be back there to ride it so it wouldn’t open early.


It sounds like we can show up at the taps more leisurely after the Fantasyland RD crowd goes then. Or we can enjoy Main Street more leisurely.

It pains me to dump my PPO BOG 8:10 ADR that I worked for months to get!

I have two hard-won ADRs I expect I’ll give up once I get my plans reorganized after we decided to do MVMCP. I know the feeling.

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