Scooter rentals for UO

Hi!! I am coming with a couple of friends in June. One of my friends has some health issues that make it difficult to walk long distances. We want to rent a scooter for her. Can you tell me the reputable scooter rental places that will deliver to the resort? There are so many to choose from. Thanks!!

Last month we rented from Scooter Vacations. Their website is They were easy to work with and delivered and picked from our hotel. We were at Disney but I know they deliver to Universal too. The prices were good and the scooter was nice.

We’ve used BuenaVista rentals with great success.

I am a firm believer in Scooter Vacations.

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It’s your mentioning them on another thread that made me use them. So thank you!

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I’m glad you liked them so much that you are recommending them as well.

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It couldn’t have been easier.

My MIL will be coming with me on a trip in early February. She regularly walks six miles on the weekends and I thought she would not need an ECV. However, she took a day trip recently that had a lot of start-stop walking, similar to what happens in a theme park. She said she was achey for five days after.

We don’t want to rent an ECV unless we need, but we won’t know that until the first day of our trip.

Does anyone have recommendations for a company if we decide on Sunday that we need an ECV for the rest of the trip? Trip is Sunday-Wednesday.

Scooter Vacations

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Just a heads up, if you go when there are any significant numbers of people in the park, using a scooter is going to be very tough. Because of social distancing, most rides have queues that extend into the streets making walking through them a real challenge. I can’t imagine trying to do it with a scooter (or even a stroller would not be fun).