SciFi - Is it still open

I’ve been helping a friend plan a trip in March and they really like SciFi at HS. I know they have very limited capacity and was blessed to find a last minute reservation there on 24 January. However, checking every day and there is nothing available at SciFi even if logging in at 60 days out when booking opens (Looking at every day on calendar until April).

I’m just curious if the restaurant remains open at this time. And yes, I am most definitely using the reservation finder to help my friend.

I have reservations for April, but it had to be at 60+3 days from trip start to find anything. I’m waiting on reservation finder for better days/times, as well.

Yes. It is just as popular as ever.

Also you might need to search for 4 or even 6. Because of distancing and not combining parties in cars they are really not showing availability for parties of 2 that I found and that I have seen reported multiple places.

I have a res for 4 for March 21, late in the day. When were they planning to be there? We’re not sure we want to be eating indoors, but I’ve been keeping it just in case. I’d be willing to coordinate, if that date works

Welcome to the forum! Are you also using the Touring Plans reservation finder?