SciFi Dine-In with Dining Plan, but only for snacks

This August we will be for the first time at the Disney Hollywood Studios. I already have a fantasmic! Dinner Package Reservation for 04:25 PM.

As a first timer, we are very interested in the atmosphere of the sci-fi dine-in. We booked the dining plan.
The idea is to eat or drink just snacks at sci-fi dine-in.

Can we pay this with dinging plan snack credits or do we have to pay extra out of the pocket?
Can we just drink milkshakes? Or as a general question: Do TS restaurants accept snack credits?

TS restaurants do not accept snack credits. Just pay out of pocket, Sci Fi is one of the least expensive table service restaurants and is such a great place to go. It’s a must do for us every trip. You will love it, being able to get out of the sun and into the cool, dark, quiet restaurant is a great way to take a break. Make sure you get an ADR, it is a very popular place. And yes, you can order whatever you want.

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Thank you for the answer. I already got a 11am ADR.
Try to get a 12pm instead, but both will be ok for shakes.

I would keep the 11, that is when they open and you will get one of the prime car tables close to the main screen. You will not have to wait to be seated, as they won’t be running late. We always eat at 11 after an 8am EMH, and it rarely takes us more than 40 minutes for a full meal. The service is very quick that early in the day. Enjoy your shakes!

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Thanks again. Then 11am is fixed.

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