Sci-Fi v. 50's Prime Time

Which do you prefer? And why? Thank you!

We did 50s a long time ago now (8 years) but I think I preferred that over Sci Fi just because of the layout of the seating. It’s definitely not at all conducive to dinner conversation. If you’re looking to completely decompress, though, maybe that’s what you want.

I also thought the food was a bit better at 50s, and the interaction was more fun.

I didn’t dislike Sci Fi, but I prefer 50s

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Haven’t been to sci-fi. Did 50s in April. Loved the atmosphere and theming. Not that impressed with the food for the price, even for Disney. We’d go back for milkshakes and dessert, but not for a meal. Just our 2 cents. Have fun!

I am going to come down on the side of Sci-Fi.
Partly because the interaction with the server is a big part of it - so if the one you have isn’t great, or your family isn’t comfortable with that it changes the experience.
I find the food at 50s to be a bit to heavy on a hot day for lunch (maybe dinner would be different but I have never done dinner at either) it is fine, but I wouldn’t say it is fabulous.
I also think that sitting in cars & watching movie on a big screen at Sci-fi are more fun than the 50s theme.

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I vote Sci Fi b//c of its unique theming. We tried 50s once and were happy enough but no server interactions except introductions and good but nothing special foodwise. Sci Fi is dark and cool and interesting and relaxing. We had burgers and some kind of sandwich that were good and the milkshakes were tasty. We’ve been twice and it’s been requested for next trip. And FWIW, I enjoyed both better than my dinner at HBD last month.

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Sci Fi because the ‘fun’ at 50s doesn’t sound like fun to us.

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We have done dinner at 50s multiple times but have never tried SciFi. Until recently, all reports were that the service and food at SciFi weren’t all that great.

I was intending to give SciFi a try for our trip next month, but wasn’t able to get an ADR and there was one available for 50s. I haven’t been overly motivated to keep trying for SciFi.

50s is a must do for us - good solid food in a fun environment (and PB&J shake!) - always great family memories for us. Sci- if was one and done - great theming but meh food and a layout that positively inhibits family interaction.

We did both: a snack and adult milkshake at Sci fi and then dinner at 50’s later. We LOVED Sci-fi! It was a fun break from a hot day. 50’s was cute too, but I think next time I would just go for a drink and snack in the lounge. If you can fit in both, do, so you can enjoy the decor in both of them.

Been to both. Prefer Sci Fi. Theming is great and it gets you out of the hustle and bustle of the theme park. My DH and I felt like we had a mini date. We shared a seat while our kids sat in the seat in front of us. The food and milkshakes are also very good.

We went to both last year. We liked both. The atmosphere at SciFi Diner was neat, the endless loop of loud snippets of 50s B movies was irritating, especially when it looped back to the beginning. The food was good. Don’t think we will go there again, though. 50s was fun, but crowded when we were there. Loved the interaction with our ‘cousin’ waiter. Even my very shy, introverted DD15 loved it. The food was spectacular! We wouldn’t mind going back, but will be trying new places on our next trip.


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Just did 50’'s this holiday and we all cleared our plates. The server was hilarious he caught me with my walkie talkie and off. Kids loved it other than the raw broccoli lol. Fairly expensive and we were seated 30 mind late but as we all liked our food we were fine with that. Have not been to Sci if though

I think I’m going to go with Sci-Fi. Thank you for all of the wonderful input!!