Sci Fi question

We are planning to lunch at Sci Fi Drive In, in August. For a party of 6, do they give you multiple “cars” or do they have larger tables that seat 6 ?


There are some cars that seat 6 and also IIRC a larger few tables in the center of the restaurant for larger parties


We had a party of 10 the last time we ate there and they split us into 3 cars

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We’ve had a party of 8 in a single car. It was too tight but we had 3 small children in the front row, two adults in the middle and two in the back and then a high chair at the end of the middle row. But we could’ve sat 6 fairly comfortably I would think.


We’ve done the same.

This past trip there were only 6 of us and we fit quite comfortably in the 3 row car.


I started this post so i will circle back about how it went.


We just ate at Sci Fi mid August 2020. NOT GOOD. All 6 of us left very disappointed (all six adults). Poor quality food. Movie clips no one in the restaurant was interested in. We had a bad experience 5 years ago, it took us that long to try it again. Probably Never again. Rates as bad as Hollywood and Vine in our book. Fortunately Disney customer service, refunded the $158 lunch / for 6.

Disney has a massive library of movie clips. Why are these still there after all these years?? When we went to the drive-in as kids, we went to see MOVIES, not promo clips for movies.

I know, I know. Some of you will light me up how much you love it. That’s OK. But its just not for me. LOL

We ate there in Mid-August as well. I didn’t love it, but we had good food. DD17 and I split a wedge salad and BBQ burger. I thought both were good, especially the salad. DD20 had the buffalo chicken salad and she liked it as well. This was our first time eating there so not sure what to expect. The ambience is cool, but it’s weird to eat in the car with people behind you that you can’t really talk to easily. DD20 felt a little left out in the back seat. We probably should have put her in front. She did not like the clips, but I didn’t even really pay much attention to them. Just background noise.

Hmmmm, this is one of the hardest ADR’s to get. These comments are concerning. Maybe I shouldn’t try too hard. I’m curious to try 50’s Prime Time anyway.

We like sci fi. Never had a problem with food or service. The atmosphere is fun and long running.


Agree. SciFi is the one place DS requests every trip. We stick with the basics–burgers and milkshakes and have never been disappointed.


We eat at Sci-Fi every trip! Stick with the burgers and milkshakes, you won’t be disappointed. My kids love the place (they are now teens).


It’s my daughter favorite. I concur on the burgers and shakes


I could have just said “ditto” to your comment I guess! :rofl:


And by that I’m sure you mean the Orbiting Oreo!!


We liked 50’s Prime Time too, but I think Sci-fi was a little better? We didn’t have the shake at Sci-Fi but we did at 50’s. It was delish!

A bit too much nagging For me at prime time.


I was so going to say that when I saw your post.

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That is exactly what I mean!!

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We did do the burgers and were very disappointed. Its like they brought ours in from Cosmic Rays at MK or something. yuk.