Sci Fi or TH?

I thought I was set with my plans but resi finder just came through on SCi Fi for lunch for 12:30 on our HS morning!
I had originally thought this would be the perfect place for us (DH, me DS13, DS11, DD8). We have never been but thought especially the boys would like it and would be a nice, low-key break before hopping over to AK.
But I had no luck booking and instead was able to book ROL TH lunch for 2:30.
AK is CL 1 that day so I’m think we count still see ROL without the package. Also then we could go to FTBBQ to eat at our leisure. It’s a short trip and I don’t want to spend too much time in TS so it really needs to be Sci Fi or TH even if I can get times modified.
What would you recommend?

I think with a party of 5 someone will have to sit in a row in the car by themselves.

I love TH so I would choose that every time anyway. But I would also be deterred by someone having to sit solo. Though I may be mistaken


I’ve been to both and enjoyed the food both places. Sci-Fi is not low-key, to us anyway. They play the “movies” very loud. There are really two to a seat inside the cars, although there are also tables so that you can face each other.

TH was very good food, and the character interaction is great. It’s not low-key, either. The food was good, though.

If I had to choose between the two, I would go to TH. Mostly because the “movies” were rather hard to deal with. They weren’t movies, just clips from different 50s type sci-fi: didn’t show enough for a plot. It got very old after about 15 minutes of it.

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As anybody who has read my posts knows, neither buffets nor CMs are “my thing” - but I thoroughly enjoy TH. Sci-fi was a one and done for me. It’s a cool concept, but the food was meh. There’s also the issue of both benches in the “cars” face the same way, so it’s not really a “family dining together” kind of thing (at least not without a lot of leaning forward and looking back).

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Agree - it’s kind of like a whole meal of coming attractions…

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We tried Sci Fi and loved it!

It isn’t conducive to family chat, but that’s fine. It was a fun experience and we would definitely go back. DH and I chatted, quietly, and the boys sat together.

We found it remarkably quiet inside. Cool, quiet, a nice break. And to us, the whole drive-in movies is so classic American that it’s like being in the movie Grease! (I have just this morning found out that Fort Lauerdale still has an actual drive-in movie theatre, so that will definitely be somewhere to go next time, for a couple of nights).

To be it’s a question of character dining vs the Sci Fi experience. I wouldn’t want to race through a character meal; you’re paying for the characters, not the food.


Thanks for all of the feedback. I originally really wanted to book Sci Fi but now TH seems to fit the best in our schedule. It’s just hard to let that adr go now that we have it! We have dining credits so will use those for our TH ROL meal (definitely good use of credits!) I think we all will enjoy the characters at TH and the food.

If I can’t snag a SDD FP we may be booking the EMM anyway and that comes with breakfast. Fried chicken with doughnut. Hmmm not sure if I should be excited or run away! Actually it sounds like there will be quite a few interesting options if we go for it.

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That sounds like a good plan if riding SDD is a main goal of yours. :slight_smile:

You could always do both just get apps and maybe milkshakes at Sci Fi or just use snack credits. This way you get the experience of Sci Fi without investing all the time.

I was wondering about that. Can you just order milkshakes. And use snack credits? How long would you allow?

You can order whatever you want but not sure what if anything is a SC.

Don’t cancel your Sci fi ADR yet

We have taken our party of five (two adults, three teens) there and fit in without a problem. We are fairly thin but I don’t recall it even being tight. We like Sci-Fi a lot, it’s dark and cool when it’s blazing hot outside. I think the ice cream is a big hit there, don’t remember much about the food either way.